$500 Worth of Product Picks for Eye Care

$500 Worth of Product Picks for Eye Care

The skin around your eye area is very delicate and extremely thin when compared to the skin on the rest of your face. Add to this the fact that there are lesser oil glands around your eyes and that your eyes tend to get the most sun exposure, and you have the perfect cocktail of reasons that lead to premature aging and eye issues. Vine Vera examines some of the most common issues that appear around your eye area and recommends ingredients that can help out the most in your eye care regimen.

Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet
Crow’s feet, or laugh lines, are small wrinkles that appear in your eye area as you age. Once the skin grows old, the collagen breaks down, and this is first felt around the eyes since the skin here is super thin. The ideal way to take care of crow’s feet and wrinkling is to use a rich eye serum two times a day, once in the morning and once at night. Look out for products which contain ingredients such as green tea extracts, resveratrol and vitamin C. Vine Vera recommends the Resveratrol Age Defying Eye Serum.

Dark Circles
Blood vessels often show up in your eye area, giving it a purplish/ bluish tone. Although this occurs due to genetics, excessive stress or lack of proper sleep might also trigger dark circle issues. The best way to reduce your dark circles is to reduce your stress and get adequate sleep. Other solutions include lowering salt and caffeine intake and avoiding binge drinking. An eye cream that is rich in antioxidants can also work wonders. Vine Vera recommends you to try out the Resveratrol Dark Circle Eye Cream. For a quick fix, simply apply a peach colored concealer on your under-eye area.

Woman with puffy eyes

Puffy Bags
Puffiness appears under your eyes due to things like binge drinking, excessive intake of salt, lack of sleep or stress. It is most noticeable in the mornings because of the fluids that get stuck to the periorbital area while you’re sleeping. Since you’re in a vertical position for the rest of the day, the liquid finally disperses and gets redistributed in your skin. One of the best solutions for puffy eyes is to add eye care products which contain ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin A, caffeine and cucumber extracts. Vine Vera recommends the Resveratrol Dark Circle Eye Cream. For best results, refrigerate the cream overnight and use it as a part of your morning skin care regimen. Other solutions that help out with puffiness include ice compress, tea bags and cucumber slices.

Hopefully, this helps you understand where to spend your $500 Vine Vera Giveaway voucher to treat your eye issues in the best possible manner. And remember, although a majority of the face creams and moisturizers won’t damage the skin around your eyes, they won’t end up doing much good either. Always choose products that are specifically designed for your eye area.

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