Applying Makeup to Dry Skin

Applying Makeup to Dry Skin

Dry skin presents a unique set of challenges and one of the is makeup application. Even if you have found products that have all the right ingredients for your skin, you can end up looking flaky, dull and super dry. When it comes to dry skin, the application techniques you use are just as important as making sure you’ve found products that work for you. Below find the five tips and tricks that professionals use to make dry skin look flawless and alive.

Prep Your Skin
The number one thing to remember before you start your makeup is to prep it properly. This doesn’t mean just immediately before either, although you do have to do that as well. For the best looking makeup, you need to tend to your skin daily with a gentle skincare routine and supply your body with skin boosting water and foods, like kale or tomatoes.

When you are ready to apply your makeup, the first step is to use a quality moisturizer. Infusing your skin with moisture prior to foundation will help not only the application of your foundation, but it will help keep your makeup from flaking or crumbling as the day goes on.

Mix With Oil
One of the greatest tricks that pros, like Wayne Goss YouTube beauty guru and professional makeup artist, keep up their sleeves is to mix your foundation with a bit of facial oil. You don’t need to go crazy here, just add a single drop of your preferred facial oil and mix with your foundation. This will help your makeup apply smoothly, add a bit of extra moisture and create a very subtle, natural luminescence to your skin.

Bounce, Don’t Buff
This can be bad news if you swear by a foundation brush, but your dry skin will definitely thank you. Instead of using a buffing brush for your foundation, use a damp sponge, like the Beauty Blender, to apply your foundation. This sponge is especially springy, meaning that when you bounce this over your face, you press the foundation in without disrupting any dry skin. When you use a buffing brush, this causes what is known as micro-exfoliation and you can end up making skin flake as you apply your foundation.

Add a Highlight
When you have dry skin, your face can look a bit dull after foundation, however if you use the oil trick, your face will have a bit more of a radiance to it. Highlighters might seem scary and unnecessary, but they really can bring a glow to your face without being a glitterbomb mess. Liquid highlighters can be a dry-skinned girls best friend because you have the option to apply it right before foundation, for the most natural look, or you can blend it into your foundation to create a more dewy appearance to your entire face. Powder highlighters are great after foundation, simply use a fan brush to lightly sweep the product on your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and lightly across your forehead.

Warm up With Bronzer and Blush
Unless you plan on doing some serious contouring, choose a warm bronzer with just a hint of shimmer in it to add some color to your face. Sweep bronzer anywhere the sun would naturally hit your face like your forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin. Be sure to blend well so you don’t have harsh brown lines all over your face. To appear like the most glowingly gorgeous version of yourself, pick a blush that mimics your shade when you blush naturally. Sweep blush on the apples of your cheek and blend softly outwards to the side of your face to create a rosy glow. You might be tempted to go for cream blush and bronzer thinking they will increase hydration, but experts recommend sticking to powders for two major reasons. First, they are generally the easiest to work with which lessens your chances of mistakes and second, they last longer on your skin.

Professionals and beauty insiders use the above tips and tricks for one reason – they work. Good skincare habits are also an important part of ensuring dry skin looks great, with or without makeup. Once you get the hang of these tricks, you can look forward to skin that not only doesn’t look dry or flaky, but to skin that actually glows.

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