Are We Aging Faster These Days? Vine Vera Reviews

Are We Aging Faster These Days? Vine Vera Reviews

The selfie revolution has completely taken over the world, with close-up photos being used to describe all our moments. However, holding the camera the wrong way has put forth a number of revelations in front all our twenty-somethings. The angles have particularly highlighted on one startling fact – our skin isn’t as young as we would like it to be. One of the reasons that have been put forward is that we are aging much faster these days. But, is that really possible? After all, how could one age faster, considering that all modern day skin care regimens make use of the latest products that contain those “miracle ingredients” that we often hear about! Vine Vera puts this theory to test.

A number of dermatologists mention that the average age of their patients is decreasing with every passing year. Many dermatologists confirm that they are noticing issues such as acne, eczema, sunspots and dullness on a number of women between the ages of 25 to 27. These issues have also been said to haunt all sorts of people with all types of skin, irrespective of what they apply on their face.

The biggest reason behind these accelerated signs of aging is the environment. With pollution at an all-time high, we certainly can’t expect it not to affect our skin, can we? Studies have already shown that people who live in more polluted areas tend to age much faster than usual. This is one of the main reasons why people in the countryside tend to look younger than their counterparts living in cities.

We also tend to place a lot of stress on things like sun damage and sunscreens. After all, the UV rays of the sun are one of the biggest contributors of accelerated aging. At the same time, we end up ignoring the negative effects of environmental pollution. There are a number of people who confirm to facing increased skin issues such as eczema and acne after shifting to big cities from smaller towns or from the countryside.

The skin care industry has tried to help people deal with such issues by creating products which address the concerns of people in their twenties. Since most traditional anti-aging products that have been designed for mature skin can end up aggravating issues when used by people in their twenties, it also became imperative to come up with a unique set of products for younger skin.

For a long period of time, the beauty industry didn’t have an answer to prevent the early signs of aging. However, thanks to the advent of ingredients such as resveratrol and the use of essential oils, vitamins and botanicals in skin care products, it is now possible to address many aging issues such as dullness, dry patches and redness without triggering skin issues such as acne.

Apart from the increased skin damage caused by the UV rays, free radicals and pollution, there is another issue that affects women in their twenties – heavy makeup. The selfie obsessed woman simply must have a porcelain look and this is where primers that contain silicones come in. Silicones end up blocking the pores and suffocating the skin. Moreover, women often forget to wash off the makeup before going to sleep. This ends up making things even worse. The makeup and the pollutants remain on the skin throughout the night and the damage starts all over again, the next morning.

This is why removing makeup and cleansing your skin before going to sleep is so important. Washing off the dirt and pollution before your bedtime is essential. Since the skin regenerates itself at night, you need to ensure that you allow it to breathe and heal itself properly. Other than your products and washing, things like adequate sleep, regular exercise and proper diets are equally important. Most people in their twenties end up ignoring these simple things and this is where most aging issues crop up.

Vine Vera believes that we are certainly aging faster these days, but a lot of it has to do with our own lifestyles. Yes, things like increased pollution detriment our skin care efforts, but they can easily be dealt with, provided we follow a proper skin care regimen and lead a balanced lifestyle. The selfie revolution might have revealed all sorts of skin issues, but it has also helped in making people realize the importance of proper skin care.

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