Benefits of Bentonite – Vine Vera Reviews

Benefits of Bentonite – Vine Vera Reviews

Bentonite clay, also Montmorillonite clay, is a “healing clay” that helps you to cleanse and heal your body. Thousands of people are giving in to the wonders of using bentonite clay for their skin care routine by taking it internally or applying it using topical formulations. Although many people are not aware of the skin care benefits of bentonite clay, it has actually been used for centuries to ward off disease and promote better health. Today, the use of bentonite clay has taken off as a major wellness trend among those wanting to defend their body against illness and “detoxify” their bodies.

How Bentonite Clay Works
The body comes in contact with a number of toxins throughout the day. These toxins are usually found in everyday products such as cleaning supplies, paint, markers, building materials, pesticides and un-purified water. As a result, the body ends up ingesting a number of toxins simply by breathing in the fumes that can be found in the environment. This is where bentonite clay is so useful. It assists the body in expelling most of these toxins, thereby increasing its immunity and reducing its inflammation. Apart from drawing out the toxins, the clay also offers the body a wide range of minerals such as sodium, potassium, iron, copper, calcium, magnesium and silica. When ingested by the body, the vitamins and minerals found in bentonite clay get absorbed like most other supplements. Vine Vera reviews the top benefits of Bentonite clay.

Young woman scratching her neck because of  eczema.

Heals dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis
Bentonite clay can be used to bind the toxins and bacteria living on the outermost layer of your skin and get rid of them. This reduces your blemishes, alleviates irritation and helps to fight allergic reactions. The clay has a unique ability to resemble an antibiotic treatment when applied topically, and it can really speed up the healing time of your wounds and calm your skin infections.

Alkalizes the body
The lack of a healthy diet makes the body acidic. This is because the stomach needs to put in more work to produce the acids that can break down these foods. Therefore, you need more alkalizing food items in your diet to balance things out. This works wonders for your digestion because effective digestion needs a few enzymes that are created using alkalizing minerals. The presence of alkalizing minerals in bentonite clay helps to bring back the pH level to normal.

Boosts the probiotics
Bentonite clay promotes good bacteria and constricts the bad bacteria in your gut wall. This prevents the malabsorption of nutrients from the food, improves brain function, elevates mood and increases the overall immunity.

Gives more oxygen to your cells
Bentonite clay gives more oxygen to your cells because of its ability to pull the excessive hydrogen from your cells, thereby leaving room for the oxygen to replace it. The additional oxygen in your cells makes your skin feel more energized so that your body can recover from hard workouts or illness.

Closeup of the mouth of a smiling woman with perfect teeth

Promotes healthy teeth and gums
The mouth is full of harmful bacteria and toxins. Bentonite clay binds together the unhealthy substances found on the teeth, gums and the tongue, and aids in removing them before you swallow them.

Purifies water
Bentonite clay is also known to be an effective way of removing fluoride from drinking water. When used along with magnesium, bentonite clay can improve the purity of tap water. This offers exciting possibilities for using bentonite clay as a cost-effective water purification method.

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