Benefits of Laminaria Japonica Extract for Skin – Vine Vera Reviews

Benefits of Laminaria Japonica Extract for Skin – Vine Vera Reviews

Laminaria Japonica is a seaweed that is mostly found in Japan. It is full of iodine, an element required by the human body to produce thyroid hormones. Laminaria Japonica is also rich in elements like potassium and iron. The seaweed has a brownish color and it is mostly used in the medical industry. Researchers have found a variety of uses for Laminaria Japonica and it is commonly used for controlling high blood pressure, helping out with weight loss and treating radiation sickness. Vine Vera examines the reasons why this ingredient is so important for your skin.

Laminaria Japonica forms a sticky gel when mixed with water. This allows the seaweed to act as a bulk laxative and it also helps the ingredient to expand the cervix from the inside for speeding the onset of labor. Once the extract gets into the cervix, it absorbs water and swells to about ½” within 4 – 6 hours.

The ingredient boasts of having 72 unique trace materials that are essential for the human body. Some of the main elements found in Laminaria Japonica include alginates, fucoxanthin, iodine, laminarin and fucoidan. The seaweed’s benefits aren’t just limited to the world of medicine. It is also known to work wonders in boosting a person’s beauty and physical appearance. Fucoxanthin is famous for its fat-burning properties. It works even better when combined with the iodine, an element that is already present in this seaweed. Iodine increases the metabolic rate of the body and this allows the body to burn calories at a rapid pace and prevent fat from accumulating. Alginates are known to help the body in eliminating harmful toxins that can cause major issues in the kidneys, liver, brain and the heart.

Vine Vera discovered a study that was conducted by researchers from the Silla University, Republic of Korea and published in the Cosmetic Science Journal in the year 2013. The researchers examined 12 different species of seaweed to determine their skin moisturizing properties and observed them for a total of 8 hours. Laminaria Japonica showed the strongest activity at the 2-hour mark. It managed to increase hydration by 14.44% when compared to a placebo. After the 8-hour mark, Laminaria Japonica also managed to decrease the transepidermal water loss to 20%. In order to determine the safety of this ingredient, the researchers also conducted a patch test on the human skin. The results showed that the ingredient is safe for use when applied in moderate doses. The physiochemical characteristics of Laminaria Japonica were also evaluated and the results showed that the ingredient didn’t affect the overall formulation of the test skin care product. This simply shows that Laminaria Japonica is an extremely promising ingredient for skin moisturizing benefits.

Studies have also shown that fucoidan (an element found in Laminaria Japonica) can help in preventing the growth of certain types of cancers. It also relieves digestive disorders, controls allergy and strengthens the immune system.

From a pure skin care perspective, the ingredient is much more than a simple moisturizer. It also works wonders in eliminating toxins from the skin, bringing about a long lasting glow, giving the skin a healthy and even looking tone and preventing skin pigmentation and skin discoloration. These results simply go on to show why Laminaria Japonica is commonly used in the best skin care products.

Stay tuned to Vine Vera Cosmetics to find out more about different skin ingredients and the benefits that they have to offer to your skin.

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