Benefits of Using Sesame Seed – Vine Vera Reviews

Benefits of Using Sesame Seed – Vine Vera Reviews

Sesame seeds, also known as Sesamun Indicum, are known to add a delicate crunch and a nutty taste in a number of Asian dishes. They are used as one of the main ingredients in the Middle Eastern sweet dish halvah and in tahini, a sesame seed paste. Sesame seeds are known to be one of the oldest known ingredients to man. In fact the world famous phrase “Open Sesame” was used as a reference to the opening of the sesame seed pod, which automatically bursts when it matures. Sesame seeds are native products that originate in the East Indies. Their usage is known to date back to the year 3000 B.C. The Chinese used burned sesame oil as a light source and to make soot for their ink-blocks about 5000 years ago. These seeds were brought into America by African slaves, where they took the form of a major ingredient in many Southern dishes. Vine Vera examines the main benefits that sesame seeds offer to the human body.

Sesame seeds are a popular ingredient used in a variety of dishes, but they are also known to offer amazing benefits to your skin. Vine Vera came across a study that was published in the Emerging Trends in Dietary Components for Preventing and Combating Disease Journal. This study was conducted by researchers from the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan; and it examined the anti-inflammatory benefits that sesame seeds have to offer. According to the results of this study, sesame seed proved to be an amazing anti-inflammatory ingredient because it inhibited the release of inflammatory mediators, thereby protecting against endotoxin-related inflammatory issues. Researchers further concluded that the ingredient also inhibited the endotoxin from binding with its receptor, thereby reducing the inflammatory transcription factor.

Apart from offering excellent anti-inflammatory benefits, sesame seeds also contain anti-cancer compounds like phytate and elements that offer anti-cancer properties like magnesium. When used after exposure to the sun, these seeds can treat suntans and prevent the UV rays from damaging the skin. This also makes sesame seeds outstanding anti-aging ingredients.

There are a few other skin care benefits of sesame seeds that Vine Vera came across. The sesame seed oil can be used to maintain skin flexibility, promote soft and supple looking skin, enjoy glowing skin and heal abrasions and cuts. The oil can also be used to control enlarged pores and tighten the facial skin around the nose. Finally, sesame seeds help in controlling and eradicating the eruption of poisons that develop on the surface of the skin and inside the pores.

To enjoy the benefits of sesame seeds, all you have to do is massage your face with some sesame seed oil and scrub it with rice powder before cleansing with lukewarm water. Complete the process by splashing cold water on your face to close your pores. Alternatively, you could look to add skin care products that contain sesame seed extracts in their formulation.

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