Causes of Eyelash Thinning

Causes of Eyelash Thinning

Why do we love Bambi so much?  It’s the eyelashes, right?  Do you remember when her mother died and there was an animated close-up of a the deer with a  huge tear falling from her eyes and all you could think about was how long her eyelashes were?  It must have been heavy lifting for her eyelids.  And, speaking of animation, how do we draw Minnie Mouse?  We draw Mickey, add a skirt, a bow and eyelashes.

Yes, for years eyelashes have been a symbol of femininity, framing our most expressive features.  Celebrities from Elizabeth Taylor to Twiggy to Kim Khardhashian have been envied and praised for their long thick lashes.  Just the fact that many women will not be seen without a false set applied confirms their identity as a staple of female beauty.  So what do we do when our eyelashes start to thin?

Causes of Thinning Eyelashes

  1. Aging:  When certain hormone levels drop, there is a decrease in hair follicle stimulation. This can effect our lashes as well as the hair on our heads.
  2. Eye Rubbing: What mom said was true!  Rubbing your not only can make your eyelashes fall out, but it also causes wrinkles. Also, lashes fall out anyway.  Don’t speed up the process.  Just because they fall out sooner, doesn’t mean they will grow back sooner,  You will have to wait until they are good and ready.
  3. Eye Infections:  Chemicals in your makeup can cause allergic reactions leading to eyelash loss.
  4. Medical Conditions:  Hormonal imbalances due to over or under active thyroid can lead to lash loss, as will certain immune issues.

What to Do

Wash Your Face at Night
Ok, clubbers, rock stars and one night standers, we know you have been guilty. After a night of partying, many of us really do not feel like exerting the extra energy that it takes to properly remove our makeup.  But the truth is, sleeping with mascara can really irritate your eyes and make your lashes fall out.  If you’re really lazy, just keep some wipes by your bed. One wipe and its done.  No water involved. You won’t even need to get up.

Go Easy with the Eyelash Curler
Although it may seem like a great way to make your lashes look thicker,  curling your lashes may cause lash damage. Try not to clamp the curler too tightly on your lashes and let go after 10-20 seconds

Throw Out Your Old Eye Makeup
We know some make up is really hard to part with,  but mascaras do kind of have an expiration date.  Mascaras have antibacterial agent in the formula, but it only lasts for around 3-6 months.  Keep it any longer than that, and you’re risking infection

Try a Lash Growth or Lash Conditioning Product
While there are prescription formulas, such as Latisse, there are also over the count products available.  For about $40, you can purchase a conditioning gel that you apply directly to your lashes twice a day, before you put on your make up and before bed time.  Talika Lipocils is highly recommended and contains only natural ingredients and extracts.

Use a Lash Conditioning Mascara
You may have noticed lash conditioning mascara on the market lately.  These incorporate a lash growth treatment and a volumizing mascara that can make your lashes healthy and beautiful!

Improve Your Diet
You are what you eat!  Biotin is really good for hair loss and is found in egg yolks, bananas, sardines and brewer’s yeast (now you know why alcoholic have such great hair,)  Vitamin B and D will help to strengthen your brittle lashes and   Vitamins A,C and E will help to top hair from splitting and drying.  So eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, avocados and citrus fruits and get ready to bat those lashes!

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