Celebrate National Parents’ Day

Celebrate National Parents’ Day

Surely, it was a no-brainer. In these days of political correctness, inclusiveness, stepmothers, stepfathers, two daddies, no daddies, and cousins twice removed, it wasn’t hard to foresee a Parent’s Day. Of course, it’s a great thing. Parents should take advantage of every chance they get to be appreciated, and every child should have the opportunity to honor their parents, no matter what their biological relationship, but, it can sure lead to having to buy a lot of extra gifts. The good news is; there are ways to celebrate Parent’s Day without the messy gift exchange. Here are some of the ways you can celebrate this July 1st.

Family Conversation
Parenting expert Ellie Hirsch, says it should be a joint decision. “Parents can sit down with their children and discuss the meaning of Parents’ Day and come up with ideas to celebrate as a family,” she says.

Dr. Laura Markham suggests asking your children about which qualities they think make a good parent and what holds a family together.

Family Breakfast
A relaxed breakfast is a great time for family bonding. Hirsh recommends making cooking into a shared activity. Hirsch says that “Instead of Mommy and Daddy cooking breakfast, the whole family can get in on the action, and use it as a way to bond.” She suggests assigning a task to each family member, to emphasize the importance of teamwork.

Memory Book
Markham suggests you spend your Parents’ Day by creating a scrapbook or family tree. Use visual devices to record the people and shared activities that define your family.

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Working Parents
If both parents work, Parents’ Day can be used as an opportunity to get together with other families in the same situation during nonbusiness hours. Discuss how local parents can help one another and help make sure working families get the same perks that families with nonworking parents do. Markham also suggests that you “write letters to legislators in support of family-friendly policies in the workplace or government,” to learn about how companies can support working parents.

New Family Memories
Parents’ Day can be a day to plan for future activities. Dr. Markham recommends putting together a family bucket list or thinking of new events to look forward to.

Praise Another Parent
Just because you’re the honoree doesn’t mean you can’t honor someone else. Hirsch advises parents to tell other moms and dads what you admire about her or his parenting skills. Says she, “Another mother recently told me I always have a smile on my face when I am with my kids, which made me feel special.”

Appreciation for Your Family
Parents’ Day is all about celebrating one another. Chelsea Duggan, a blogger at Milestar Babies, suggests baking a cake together, whereas Hirsch advises parents to,”Ask your children to write down or say three things that they appreciate about you as a parent. Afterward, do the same and write down three things you appreciate about your children.”

Host A Neighborhood Party
Any reason to have a party is a good one, and Parents’ Day is certainly no exception. Duggan says, “It’s a great moment to get together and enjoy all that summer has to offer.” It ‘s also a good opportunity to get to know other parents in the area, and form networks for support and encouragement.

What have you got planned for this Parents’ Day? Let us know what you think the best way to celebrate this holiday is.

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