Color Trends For Spring and Summer 2017

Color Trends For Spring and Summer 2017

Colors. They make a great fashion statement. but the rules surrounding them can be confusing. Black and white always works, but what about black and navy? Should you risk wearing white after Labor Day? Is this “winter” white? Does silver ever go with gold, and can pink and red ever coexist peacefully? It’s enough to make you want to replace every colorful piece in your wardrobe with black. But before you decide to go funeral chic, you should know that there are some colors that are making the grade in high end fashion spring and summer 2017. Here’s the lowdown on the color explosion from the New York Fashion Week runway.

Primrose Yellow
Good-bye spicy mustard; hello primrose yellow. Like the flower from which it gets its name, primrose yellow is as sunny and warm as summer itself. Dries Van Noten’s new collection utilizes the color on both monochromic and printed pieces. Gucci’s Alessandro Michelle used it on his romantic ruffled dress with flowing sleeves.

Blue dress

Lapis Blue
Navy is always a classic, but if you’re looking to light up a room, lapis blue may be just the thing. Salvatore Ferragamo thought enough of the shade to wrap his models head to toe in lapis shirt dresses. Boss favored the color on knitted dresses and beachy flip flops.

Flame Red-Based Orange
While it may not quite be the new black, there is always room for a fierce shade of orange on the runway. While Oscar de la Renta lit his models on fire in cocktail dresses and high heels, Sportmax “inFlamed” their jumpsuits with the color.

Niagara Denim Blue
Niagara was the hands down star on this year’s fashion runway. Think of a relaxing watery shade, conjuring the serenity of the Falls themselves, dubbed a medium grade denim by Pantone Experts.

Carolina Herrera used the color to lend an ephemeral quality to her evening wear, and despite its association with denim, the color made a sweeping combination with Armani’s spring silk.

Metallic silver dress

Metallic Silver
There may never be a time at which metallic silver does not look good, but this year there was no denying its runway power. Always a great choice for evening wear, metallic silver lit up the Carolina Herrera’s space junk dress, while Versus Versace went space age chic with a silver micro mini.

Pale Dogwood Pink
Neutral, natural and ultra feminine, this color conveys both maturity and playfulness in a summery hue. One would be amiss to not mention the Baja East exquisite velvet take on the color to the Marabou bomber form Barbara Bui. Blumarine went vintage with their dogwood dress, while Monique Lhullier could not have chosen a more effective hue for her diaphanous gown.

Has this given you color inspiration for the coming season? Let us know your color choices for spring and summer 2017! We want to know!

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