Easy Ways To Grow Long, Strong Nails

Easy Ways To Grow Long, Strong Nails

Chris Walton holds the 2014 Guinness Book of Records title of the woman with longest nails. Her 20 feet talons have been twisting and turning ever since she stopped cutting them in 1993. While living a life with such freakish appendages may seem challenging and one can assume her piano playing skills have certainly suffered, others may wonder, what’s her secret? If growing longer and stronger nails are one of your major lifetime goals, and excessive use of nail polishes and removers are not a concern, here are some helpful tips on how to grow long nails.

Stop Biting Your Nails
If you want to grow long, strong nails, you’re never going to do it if you keep biting them off. Besides, biting your nails is bad for your health and can cause bacterial infections on your hands and mouth.

If nail biting is a problem for you, you may want to try to keep your nails polished to prevent the urge to bite, or try chewing gum when you’re bored.

Removal of gel and acrylic nails can leave nails brittle because it occurs when nail beds are wet and at their most sensitive. If you must get acrylic or gel manicures, try alternating them with traditional ones.

Avoid picking at chipped nail polish which weakens your nails base and removes the top layer of the nail bed.

Always use base and top coats. They help polish stick to your nails, so there is less chipping, and they protect nails from staining.

Resist the urge to use nails as tools. Slow down and keep tools available to help you scrape, peel, or open anything you may encounter during the day.

Get Proper Vitamins
Healthy nail growth depends on a healthy diet. Try to get 30- 40 micrograms of biotin per day. Whole grains, salmon, bananas, and avocados are all good biotin sources.

Eat foods with folic acid. Folic acid is the best vitamin for nail growth. It keeps red blood cells healthy and prevents nerve cell damage. Fish, cheese, red meat, and soy products are rich in folic acid.

Vitamin A is another vitamin that can help strengthen nails. Try to get 700 to 900mgs per day from veggies such as carrots squash, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes.

Get plenty of Vitamin C to promote nail growth by boosting recovery and immune health inside the body. Vitamin C can be found in kale, strawberries, oranges, and bell peppers.

Grow long strong nails

Nail Care
If you want your nails to grow strong you need to file them properly. This means starting from the outside edge and working toward the center. Back and forth repetitive motion tends to weaken nails. Keep in mind that a basic round shape is the best for promoting growth. Square nails are more likely to be used as tools.

Care properly for cuticles. Soak nails in warm water for five minutes to loosen cuticles. Apply cuticle remover and use a cuticle stick to push back dead skin. Rinse and repeat 4 times a week.

Try putting hyaluronic acid on your cuticles after pushing them back for added health. Keep cuticles moisturized to prevent broken nails.

Apply strengthening treatments. Serums are often most effective, but also least economical. Intensive protein creams can be applied twice daily and strengthening polish can keep nails from chipping.

Are you working on your own Guinness Book Record? Let us know how it’s going and tell us your secrets to growing longer, stronger nails.

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