Everyday Actions That Spread Cold And Flu

Everyday Actions That Spread Cold And Flu

Germs are rampant in the winter, and none of us wants to be put unexpectedly out of action by a cold of flu. That is why we must all make an effort to avoid everyday actions that can spread sickness.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands
Face it, your hands come into contact with just about everything from toilets to food to other people. Once germs are on your hands, it is easy for them to get into your body or someone else’s. For a thorough hand washing, use soap and water and scrub for a minimum of 20 seconds. Make sure you wash before and after administering to a sick person, preparing food, using the bathroom of changing a diaper. If you can’t get to a sink, use a hand sanitizer. Purchase one with at least 60% alcohol and keep it with you at all times.

Don’t Leave Your Mouth Uncovered When You Cough or Sneeze
The best way to keep germs away from friends and family is by coughing or sneezing into a tissue and discarding it immediately after. If you don’t have a tissue, don’t cough into your hand! You will only transfer the germs to the next thing you touch. Cough into the crook of your elbow instead.

Don’t Forget to Disinfect
You don’t have to spray the whole house, but when a member of the family is sick, you may want to take some extra precautions. Wipe down the places that get the highest traffic; phones, computers, doorknobs and TV remotes can all be hotspots for germs.

Don’t Forget To Keep Disposables on Hand
Germs cling to fabric. When someone in the house has cold and flu germs, it is a good idea to replace cloth dishrags and hand towels with paper ones and water glasses with disposable cups.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Sick
The best way to avoid spreading sickness is to avoid getting sick in the first place. Make sure to eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.

Don’t Go Out When You’re Sick
If you can’t avoid getting sick, your best bet is to take yourself out of the picture. Even if a cold or flu is not usually enough to keep you down, it can be serious for others, including young children and people with weak immune systems. In addition, working when you’re not feeling 100% isn’t the best way to ward off a cold. The best idea? Take a few days off.

Don’t Go Near Sick People
Try to avoid sick people. If you find yourself caring for a sick person, make sure to keep your hands clean and pay attention to avoiding conditions likely to promote the spread of germs.

What are some things you see people doing that “bug” you literally and figuratively? What are your pet peeves when it comes to germ spreading habits? Let us know!

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