Exercise for a Youthful Face – Vine Vera Reviews

Exercise for a Youthful Face – Vine Vera Reviews

A youthful, vibrant face is something well sought after by many, and Vine Vera has given you plenty of ideas for achieving or maintaining one through makeup tricks, fuzz removal, non-invasive medical treatments, and even a tip for exercising the chin and jaw.

Now, Vine Vera is going to expand on that last idea and give you several exercises you can do every day or several times a week to keep the muscles all over your face firm and strong, which will reduce wrinkles, saggy chins, and droopy, loose, or flabby facial skin in general.

Woman stretching while meditating.

Kiss the Ceiling (Get Rid of a Double Chin)

This is the same exercise Vine Vera had mentioned before, repeated here for the sake of comprehensiveness. It’s great for keeping your jawline defined and fighting a sagging or double chin. Sit up straight and lean your head back until you’re staring right at the ceiling. Then, pucker up your lips like you want to kiss the ceiling (putting a poster of someone attractive on your ceiling to look at while you do this is optional, but may increase engagement), hold it for a moment, and relax, repeating about 20 times, or as close to that as you can manage.

Erase Forehead Wrinkles
To smooth out and lessen, prevent, or eliminate brow lines overtime, put your fingers near the vertical center-line of your face, with fingers pointed in. Push down gently, and slowly drag your fingers outwards from that center point. Stop, relax for a moment, and then do it a total of ten times if possible.

Woman rolling her strained neck.

Neck Rolls for Strength
To help firm up the jawline and entire neck area (and, as a bonus, relieve any uncomfortable tension you may have in the neck), get in the habit of doing neck rolls regularly. Simply sit or stand with your back straight, and let your head slowly fall to one shoulder. roll your head around slowly, gradually making your way all the way around at least three times clockwise, then reverse the direction and do the same counterclockwise. As a variant on this to use if your neck is especially tense, lean your head towards your left shoulder and place the palm on the side of your head, pushing down gently until you feel strong tension, but are not in pain. Hold this for about 10 seconds, relax, and repeat on the right side. Then, lean your head forward, placing both hands on the back of your head and applying similar pressure as before for 10 seconds, and end by doing the same with your head leaning back, staring at the ceiling, applying light pressure with your fingers on your forehead.

Un-Droop Eyes
This one helps fight bags under your eyes, droopy eyelids, and eye-related skin issues in general. Put your middle fingers together right between your eyes, and press your index fingers into the outside corners of your eyes, forming a “W” with your hands. Then, without moving your head, roll your eyes up to try to look at the ceiling (you won’t be able to, but just look as far upward as you can) and squint your eyes a little while you do so. Hold for a few moments, and return to resting. Do this about 6 times if you can.

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