Facts About Pinot Noir

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Vine Vera Giveaway is currently celebrating the Pinot Noir week with the launch of the exciting Vine Vera Resveratrol Pinot Noir Phyto-Silk Mask Giveaway. What better way to celebrate this Vine Vera Giveaway than to talk about the exciting wine that this prized product has been named upon? Although Pinot Noir is not as rich or big as other wines, it is believed to be one of the best wines in the world. This is because of the subtle flavors of the Pinot Noir wine that come from the weak grapes. Since these grapes are very weak, they are highly susceptible to damage. Thus, the difficulty in growing Pinot Noir makes it more precious, prized, expensive and unique than its cousins. This article tries to unravel some facts about the Pinot Noir wine to help you enjoy the wine better.

Best Cheese Pairing

If you’re thinking about consuming a wine that literally goes with everything, you need to pair it with a cheese that goes with everything. And what better cheese than Comté?

The Taste

Pinot Noir can have an extremely fickle taste and all sorts of flavors, depending on where your vintage was grown. Vine Vera tries to examine some of the main differences in the flavors of Pinot Noir by offering you insights about the taste based on the main Pinot Noir producing regions.

  1. France – The Pinot Noir grown in Burgundy is really light and herbaceous. It has an earthy aroma and its smell is similar to that of wet leaves.
  2. New Zealand – Pinot Noir is grown on a plateau known as Central Otago in New Zealand. The style is quite similar to the one found in California, but the New Zealand Pinot Noir has a meaty aroma, loads of fruit and a stronger spice.
  3. Germany – The German Pinot Noir is produced in a region known as Ahr. Ahr is located right close to the French border and its aromas tend to offer you with more of raspberries and sweet cherries.
  4. The US – Pinot Noir is mostly grown in California and Oregon. The Californian Pinot Noir is more fruity and lush and its flavors range from sweet cherries to black raspberries. The aromas remind you of clove, caramel and vanilla. On the other hand, the Oregon Pinot Noir is far lighter, both in terms of color as well as texture. Expect cherry fruit, cranberry and mushroom flavors from the Oregon Pinot Noir.
  5. Italy – The best Pinot Noir is grown in northern Italy because of the cooler climates. The fruity flavors grown in Italy are quite similar to the ones offered by France, but the earthy flavors remind you of clove, smoke and white pepper. The Italian Pinot Noir also tends to have a higher level of alcohol.

Best Food Pairings

Although Pinot Noir literally goes with all sorts of food items, there are a few dishes that bring the best out of a Pinot Noir bottle. Here are some of the best dishes that you should look at adding to the menu along with Pinot Noir.

  1. Mushroom Risotto – A fatty dish containing mushrooms can help you to highlight the fruity flavors of the Pinot Noir wine. Mushroom risottos are best served with Old World styled Pinot Noirs.
  2. White Pizza – The Pinot Noir also goes perfectly with bread and cheese. Regular pizza lovers can add fresh herbs in the pizza in order to accentuate the floral delights of the Pinot Noir wine.
  3. Wild Mushrooms and Polenta served with Herbs and Goat Cheese – Vegetarians particularly love Pinot Noir because of its ability to go with all sorts of herbs and roasted vegetables.
  4. Lobster Pea Ravioli and Cream – Lobsters pair perfectly with Pinot Noir, provided that you use lobsters as a proper component in the dish.
  5. Beurre Rouge with Chicken – Chickens usually blend well with a white wine. However, if you’re adding the Beurre Rouge sauce into the equation, the Pinot Noir wine is one of the best wine options available.
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