Facts About Sensitive Skin

Facts About Sensitive Skin

Ask anyone with sensitive skin if skincare is easy for them, and you’re likely to be met with an incredulous stare, sarcasm, or frustration. See, sensitive skin is not easy to take care of, and it can get irritated at what seems like the smallest things sometimes. If you yourself have sensitive skin, you know this struggle all too well, but if you don’t, listen to your sensitive-skinned friends when they complain about having easily irritated skin that sometimes feels impossible to buy products for, because it’s a legitimate problem.

With that in mind, Vine Vera decided it could be potentially helpful to have a list of facts about sensitive skin, to help you understand why it happens and how it’s dealt with.

Your Genes Have a Big Role
If you ended up stuck with sensitive skin that gets inflamed and irritated whenever exposed to products with an ingredient that bothers it, you can probably blame your biological relatives for the most part. Genetics can make you allergic to specific skincare ingredients, fabric materials, and a host of other things, as well as simply influencing how sensitive your skin is in general.

The Environment Contributes Too
Of course, genetics are not all that’s at play here. In dry climates that are either very hot or very cold, skin that was always at risk of being very sensitive compared to other peoples’ skin, sensitivity can come out full force when it might not have otherwise surfaced.

Triggers Bring Dormant Sensitivity Out to Play
Or out to make your life miserable, more like. If you have a specific skin allergy, your skin might be otherwise completely fine, and you may not even know about the allergy, but as soon as you, say, wash your bed sheets in a detergent that bothers your skin, or try a new brand of sunscreen that makes your face redder than it would have been in the sun, your skin is suddenly and painfully more sensitive than ever as it endures things like inflammation, redness, itchiness and acute pain from being triggered by the particular allergen in question.

Seek a Dermatologist Out if You Have Sensitive Skin
Face it: dealing with sensitive skin on your own is tough, and the trial-and-error process necessary to figure out what products are going to work for you can be a royal pain in the ass, in addition to being literally painful. As such, if you have sensitive skin and are tired of the guesswork involved in caring for it sometimes, seeking a professional for advice, and possibly allergy tests, could be very helpful.

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