Fun Ideas For A Baby Bump Reveal

Fun Ideas For A Baby Bump Reveal

So you’re expecting and you want to break the news in a big way! If you’ve seen Beyonce’s baby bump reveal photos (who hasn’t?), you’ll know that you’ve got some stiff competition. Who else could take the image of a pregnant woman and turn it into a portrait of an exotic fertility goddess?

Ok, so maybe your announcement is not going to break the Internet, but it’s going to be special and it’s going to be yours. Besides, you wouldn’t want to steal Beyonce’s thunder. How can you reveal your baby bump in a fun way?

Telling Dad
How about a restaurant scenario? One Mom told her husband by planting a note in his fortune cookie. Of course, you have to make sure he likes Chinese! Or one had the waiter put a pacifier on the couple’s dessert plate. She says, “My husband’s reaction was classic.”

Of course, there are always t-shirt reveals. Maternity centers usually stock Mom-to-be tees for the expecting lady or “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” shirts for soon to be siblings. Moms feeling bold can write it directly on their bellies with washable markers.

Telling Family
Sure, there’s always the phone call or video chat, but some might want to get a little more creative. Send flowers with a note attached. If you know the gender, you may want to consider pink or blue carnations.

Another Mom gave her parents and parents- in -law a copy of the children’s book “Goodnight Moon” with a sticky note attached saying, “Something to read to your grandchildren.” Other baby themed gift ideas include booties, pacifiers, or bibs. “World’s Best Grandma” or “World’s Best Grandpa” t- shirts will also help to get the message across.

If you want something edible, you can do what one couple did: they ordered pink and blue M&M’s with the words “We’re having a baby” on them. Pink and blue cupcakes also work if you’re thinking of making the announcement over dessert.

Baby bump tell the family

Telling Friends
Of course, telling your social network is a very popular way to make the big reveal, but there are a lot of opportunities for personalization. Some moms post pictures of their ultrasounds, as is, or creatively photoshopped. One mother explained her social media approach: “My husband and I designed an announcement and posted it on the web. We then sent our friends an email with a link to the announcement. They loved it.”

T-shirts are also an option for informing friends. An expecting couple had t-shirts made for their friends reading “Auntie or Uncle So and So” and had everyone unwrap them over dinner.

At work
As with everything else in the workplace, the pregnancy announcement needs to be a little more reserved. Marjorie Greenfield, professor of obstetrics at Case Western University says, “It’s best to err on the side of professionalism.” She also cautions telling your coworker before you tell your employer. “What you don’t want is for word to spread with your boss the last to find out- or to find out from someone other than you.”

Greenfield advises making an appointment with your supervisor to inform him or her of the news and then telling co-workers. You may want to anticipate a less than happy reception from the boss. “Some women get their feelings hurt when their boss doesn’t seem happy for them, but the fact is that pregnancy isn’t always perceived as good news by the employer,” she says.

Although your boss’s reaction may be less than enthusiastic, try to be empathetic by demonstrating your commitment to your job or maybe making suggestions about how different people can help take over your duties during your maternity leave.

If you’ve got some creative pregnancy reveals, we would love to hear about them! How did you spread the word?

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