Getting Every Bit Of Product Out Of The Bottle

Getting Every Bit Of Product Out Of The Bottle

Have you ever seen someone saw a plastic bottle of dish detergent in half with a steak knife in order to get all of it out of the bottle?  It’s not a pretty sight, and that’s only for dish detergent.  None of us likes to get gypped.  When we spend money on a product, we expect to get our money’s worth, especially when the product is valuable.  If you’ve paid upward of 20 dollars for makeup or skin product and it does what its supposed to, know what we mean. If you a struggling to get that one last pump out of your skin cream or squeeze out of that tube, read on.

Turn It Upside Down
When you notice your product is starting to disappear, store it upside down.  This way you won’t have to spend unnecessary time and energy shaking it and hitting the bottle.  The product will be drawn toward the opening and won’t get stuck in crevasses.

Thin It Out
If you’re using a thick cream or lotion, put the container in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.  You can do this to get more mascara out of the tube or to open a nail polish bottle! (Are you singing,”Hallelujah?”)

Cut The Tube
When lotions get stuck around the neck of the tube,  push the product down toward the opening as much as possible and cut the tube in half near the middle of the tube.  You can scoop the rest out and put it in another container or use it as is.  This is also effective on pump bottles.

Combine Products
If shampoo is a problem, add a small amount of water to remove it from the walls of the bottle.  If your foundation is the problem, try mixing some warmed up face lotion to the container.

This may save you a lot of money in cosmetics, but let’s face it,  even if you didn’t pay a lot for it, you are still entitled to get what you pay for. After all, what if you forgot to buy toothpaste and are counting on that little pea shaped blob lurking at the bottle of the tube to get you through the morning?  Here’re a few more salvaging practices:

  • Toothpaste-Invest in a $3 toothpaste squeezer or cut the tube in half and squeeze!
  • Peanut Butter and Mayonnaise-Stock up on spatulas in assorted sizes and use a skinny bowl scraper to get the remnants out.
  • Olive Oil-Make a salad dressing in the bottle by adding vinegar and herbs.
  • Lipstick (love this!)-Use a chopstick to scoop out the product, transfer it to a jar and apply the color with a lip brush.
  • Thick canned products (like tomato paste)-Cut off both ends of the can and push one end through to the other side.  Cut into servings and wrap for use.
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