Give Your Eyes A Little Lift

Give Your Eyes A Little Lift

Your eyes are indeed the mirror of your soul.  It is claimed that the eyes can reveal when a person is lying, happy, sad, disinterested and angry. A lingering gaze implies romantic interest.  Blinking indicates stress.  Eyes cast straight down say that someone guilty.  And red, bleary, dark rimmed eyes?  Well, they tell everybody just how much fun you were having last night.  But if you were up to no good last night, have no fear. Just as Masters of Deceit may be able to deliver a lie without breaking eye contact, Masters of Makeup may similarly be able to deceive your coworkers/boss/ parent/teacher into believing  that you were an absolute angel last night.  Here are some makeup tips to give your eyes a lift.

You will find that your eyelash curler can be your b.f.f. the morning after you party like a rock star.  Upturned lashes give the illusion that eyes are more open than they actually are.  For best results, squeeze the curler one time at the lash line, one time in the center of your lashes, and one time at the end.  Seal with a layer of mascara.

Layer Liner
When lining your upper lashes, use two difference liners, one with a vivid color and the other  with a deeper tone.  Start with a dark brown or black and top it with a jewel tone, like royal purple or blue.  This will offset the shadows under your eyes and brighten up the whites.

Line Lower Lashes with Nude Eyeliner
If you’re a regular member of the Lampshade Club, you may want to invest in some rim brightener to apply on the lower inner rims of your eyes.  Tim Quinn, celebrity makeup artist, advises that you, “Make sure the liner is a beige-y color and not too white.  Beige looks more natural and does a better job of neutralizing redness.”

When your eyes are saggy, make sure your brows are arched.  Use your pencil to fill in brows with feathery strokes and then brush brows up and out.  This can be done with a spoolie brush. Watch eyes revive!

While concealer is probably the first go-to for the bleary eyed, a sheer foundation may actually do more for you.  It will even out discoloration and redness and make your eyes appear bright and refreshed.

Everyone looks more awake with a little color on their cheeks.  Blush on your cheekbones will distract from shadows under your eyes.  A rose gold color is best for countering the blue under eye tones.

White Eye Shadow
You can work wonders with a little white or light cream eye shadow strategically applied.  Just dab into the corners of your eyes and Bam! – instant coffee fix.  Put some on the lid slightly above the crease and watch the alertness return!

Swoop Eye Shadow Up
The color is du’jour, just use a brush to sweep it up and out.  This will lend the  illusion of wakefulness.

Have you nailed it?  If so, you’re ready to go!  Whatever happened last night will just be between you and your makeup.  If you have a story about how you handled the morning after a wild night that you think is worth sharing, we’d love to hear it.  You can remain anonymous.

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