Hair Drying Skills for Men

Hair Drying Skills for Men

For a heavy metal band in the eighties, it might be fair to say the hair was as important as the music. After all, even the band members themselves would probably find it hard to admit that the videos would have quite the same effect if it were not for the hour long styling session before it. Teasing, layering, spraying; those guys must have gone through quite a lot of hairdryers on the way to the top. Times and styles may have changed, but one thing is still consistent; behind every good hairstyle, there is a good hair drying technique, and man or woman, it is important to master the skill. Here are some tips on blow drying men’s hair for some relatively newer looks.

Styled, But Not Overstyled
Here’s where the eighties go out and the millennium comes in. While hair bands may have been using egg beaters to style their hair, men of today want something a little more relaxed. Christian Ceja- Company is a stylist at Umbrella Salon in San Jose, California, who understands that there are a lot of men out there who don’t want to spend all day in front of a mirror with a brush. For these men, Ceja-Company advises applying the product to the base of the hair and power drying. “The goal of power drying,” he says, “is not to use high heat or high pressure. Working with a medium heat avoids over- drying the hair and the product, keeping it super pliable for easy manipulation with fingers or tools.”

Soft Volume With Hold
While the eighties may be over, there is something about the soft volume withhold look that still works. For a less “done” version, the key is to use a comb while blow drying. Ceja Company says, “Apply a pearl-sized amount of a volumizing cream at the crown to get the lift, but don’t apply any product on the sides. ” Power dry product into hair, slightly teasing with a comb to get the extra volume. “Mimic the motion of a brush,” advises Ceja-Company, “picking up the hair at the base with the comb, then pulling it straight up with tension for soft volume withhold.”

Strong and Defined
For those who want a more pointedly styled look, in the vein of ducktail of the fifties, a round brush is in order. Apply product to the crown and the sides. Use the round brush on the middle section of hair to pull it up into the “elephant nose” style, while using a paddle brush on the sides to flatten them out. Ceja-Company advises separating the hair into sections for a more intense look. (see below)

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Ceja-Company allows that a more intense pompadour can be achieved by working in sections. Here’s a step by step breakdown, for a more serious pompadour.

Spritz hair with water until it is wet
Evenly distribute product(s) through hair with paddle brush
Pick up hairdryer with nozzle attached set to medium heat and medium airflow
Use paddle brush, working from base to scalp area, in opposite directions to create sections, alternating back and forth, away from you and toward you using small sections and slow movements.
Turn-blow dryer speed to high and brush hair toward you.
Take sections from underneath, lifting away from scalp to create a 45-degree angle, using the first rows of bristles for best control and gradually incorporating the entire brush
Continue throughout the top area.
Proceed the outside sections, pulling and folding them into the middle from the outside in.
Reinforce with cream paste if desired, and spray with some high hold hairspray.

How do master the art of blow-drying? What styles are you wearing and how do you get them in shape every day? Let us know!

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