Happiness Is Contagious, Depression Isn’t

Happiness Is Contagious, Depression Isn’t

Vine Vera is committed to making high-quality skin care products to help you look and feel your best, but we also most definitely want you and your loved ones to be happy and healthy in general. Sadly, in our day and age, depression is a very prominent problem that affects a lot of people. It’s often treated like a “teen only” phenomenon, with the assumption that one tends to grow out of it. Sadly, this isn’t true at all; it’s true that teens are at an especially high risk, but depression can affect anyone.

Odds are someone you know is depressed. Whether it be your teenage child—who is certainly at high risk for depression even if they don’t already suffer from it—your adult child, your partner, a friend, a family member, or maybe yourself (or any combination thereof), depression is bound to be relevant to your life whether or not you personally experience it. As such, Vine Vera would like to report on a recent study that casts a happily optimistic perspective on the nature of depression and how it can be helped, and might just provide the valuable insight you need to improve the outlook of depression in yourself and/or the people you care about.

Depression Is Not Contagious
Researchers at the University of Warwick recently conducted a study cataloging the intersection of friendship and depression. The study focused on teens specifically, but since depression can affect anyone, this is relevant to a wide variety of people. The first bit of good news revealed by this study is that depression is not contagious. That is to say, having a depressed friend or loved one is not going to put someone at a higher risk for becoming depressed themselves. This is a very positive revelation that might contradict what many people believe; if you think about the implications here, this means there’s no reason not to befriend someone who’s depressed, just as there’s no reason for the depressed person not to seek out friends. The more people who realize this, the more likely depressed people are to be able to make friends, which can be a huge boon to depression, but we’ll get to that next.

Happiness Is Contagious
As it turns out, this study reports that having positive friends with a healthy mindset greatly reduces the odds of someone without depression developing it, and also helps the person fight back against depression. It’s well known that friendships are a very powerful and very positive thing in peoples’ lives in general, and honest, caring friendships can be valued just as highly as family or romantic partnerships sometimes, and can be a powerful force in our lives, but this study gives even more reason to seek out good friends. The bottom line here is that all friendships, with people who are depressed or otherwise, can be helpful, so don’t be cold and avoid making friends with someone who’s depressed; you just might be able to help them a little, and the friendship isn’t going to hurt you. And if you’re depressed yourself and meet an awesomely upbeat and friendly person you like? Try and befriend them, because their happiness just might prove contagious!

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