Home Spa Rituals That Awaken And Calm You

Home Spa Rituals That Awaken And Calm You

So you’re on a spring stay-cation and you’re determined to make it one to remember. Your goal is to be able to post something on Facebook/ Instagram/ Snapchat that is at least somewhat impressive by the end of the week. How can you compete with all the photos of your friends sunning in Cancun or living the high life in the Hamptons? How about a picture of you in your tub surrounded by rose petals toasting the camera with your favorite beverage?
Even if you can’t get away this spring break, you can still live like you’re on vacation! If a home spa is on the agenda, here are a few rituals you can add to help make your experience as sensuous and relaxing as possible.

No home spa day would be complete without some rose water toner in the tub. You can buy your own, but if you really want to set the mood, you can add some real rose petals to the equation. Pour two cups of boiling water on every one firmly packed cup of rose petals. Cover and steep until it cools, then strain and squeeze the liquid from the petals. Store in a sterilized jar in the refrigerator between uses.

Bring On the Heat
Before you hit the shower, you might want to heat things up by putting your body lotion on top of the heating vent or radiator. You’ll thank yourself for the little extra work when you slather it on after your hot shower to feel the soothing, heated lotion penetrating your skin. Just be warned, the lotion will be more liquidy than usual, so prepare for it to gush out of the container a bit faster.

Coconut Oil For the Hair
Coconut oil makes a great relaxer for curly and kinky hair and it makes a great conditioner and moisturizer for all hair types. You can condition using a heat cap or leave the oil on overnight for shiny, strong hair.

Instant Sauna
If you want to turn your shower into a sauna, turn it on and let it run at its hottest for about 20 minutes. While it’s doing that, spray a warm washcloth with some de-stressing oil (Lavender, rosemary and vanilla are all great options. ) Step into the shower and hold the washcloth to your face breathing deeply. You will immediately begin to unwind and, it should also help clear up sinuses.

rose petals

Do It In the Dark
Your spa, that is. Add to the experience with a candlelit shower. Make sure the bathroom is dark, and light a sweet-smelling candle. Word is, you won’t regret it!

Olive Oil
You knew olive oil was bound to come in somewhere here. Just massage a few teaspoons of 100% Evoo (extra virgin olive oil) into your freshly cleansed face before applying your night cream. While you’re at it, you may want to put two teaspoons in your mouth after eating to boost your immune system. Add sugar to help it go down a little more sweetly.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is great for keeping skin super soft and super hydrated. Just put a dime sized amount of vitamin E oil on clean skin before you apply moisturizer. Your face will thank you.

And remember, even if your stay-cation does not seem worth documenting, at least the way you look after your home spa will be! Let us know what your ingredients are for a great home spa! We want to hear all about it!

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