Hottest Fall Anti-Aging Trends

Hottest Fall Anti-Aging Trends

People have been trying to win the race against time since time began. Ancient Greeks and Romans created a mask made with crocodile dung. In the 1400’s, Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Elise of Hungary mutilated and killed young women and made herself a literal blood bath to stave off aging effects. Women of the Victorian age swore by mercury to rid them of acne scars and wrinkles and it worked; little did they know it was simultaneously corroding their skin. Of course, we still have some beauty rituals that seem quite barbaric, such as vampire facials and dead skin removing leeches, but, thankfully, scientists and dermatologists are also working on much more civilized and, perhaps more effective methods. Let’s look at some of the latest anti-aging breakthroughs.

Instant Eye Lift
One of the benefits of aging is that we get to witness all the great beauty products that are coming out. Be thankful that you have lived long enough to see the creation of the instant eye lift serum. Instant eye lift penetrates deep into the skin to repair and moisturizes skin cells. The product gets to work immediately after application, producing collagen and elastic and reducing lines, and wrinkles and tightening pores. You will notice effective results, including the smoothing and softening of skin in a matter of weeks. An instant eye lift is also designed to lighten dark circles and spots, reduce puffiness, make the skin look younger and healthier, and protect it against external damage.

Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing
Known as the breakthrough of the decade in anti-aging, this skin resurfacing treatment combines carbon dioxide lasers with an application technique to provide results without side effects. It works by using small beams of energy to make tiny holes in the skin which speed up the body’s production of collagen in such a way that prevents damaging the top layer of skin. The end product is great results with a quick recovery. David Goldberg, MD, and director of Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists of NY and NJ says, “Essentially, you are getting all the benefits of laser resurfacing…without the downtime and …the horrendous complication rate.” Effects can last up to 10 years.

Antioxidants are nutrients that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules from outside sources, like pollution and UV rays, that destroy collagen in the skin. Studies prove that topical antioxidants like vitamins C and E are extremely powerful, but the hands down winner in the antioxidant category would have to go to coffee berry, which experts believe is the most potent antioxidant to date.
A study conducted by David McDaniels, MD, at the Dermatology Consulting Service, NC, showed that coffee berry extract had a noticeable effect on wrinkles and fine lines without irritating skin or causing allergic reactions. He adds that it is, “so powerful in its antioxidant rating that if even 1/1000th of what’s applied gets into the skin, it’s probably going to have an effect.

Peptides are proteins that stimulate collagen productions. They can produce Botox-like results, preventing neurotransmitters from being released, thus inhibiting facial muscles from forming wrinkles. New peptide formulations have been created that actually can mimic growth factors, causing a faster turnover of skiing cells. Says Ken Beer, MD, director of Palm Beach Esthetic, “They are really getting the science down now…so we have better, more tailored peptide products.” Aren’t you thankful to live in an age that saw the development of such great new products and to an age at which you can actually benefit from them? Just think: the older you get, the more ways there will be to look younger!

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