How to Reduce the Look of Scars

How to Reduce the Look of Scars

If you’re working on getting flawless skin, scars can certainly have a way of making your skincare endeavors living hell. If you have a scar, it can be a constant thorn in your side, because no matter how flawless you make the rest of your skin look, the scar will still be there. Scars are tricky to conceal with makeup, and even trickier to remove completely. They have a tendency to stick around and metaphorically laugh at your attempts at flawlessness regardless of your best efforts.

Scars can arise form a number of sources. Accidental injuries such as cuts or burns can leave scars behind, as can simple things you have little control over, like growing (stretch marks in certain areas can cause permanent scars). You can also end up with scars from surgeries and other medical procedures, and potentially even from things like accumulated sun damage. If you’ve ever self-injured in the past or are currently struggling with self-injury, you more than likely have some scars from that which you’d like to see fade so you can move on if possible.

But never fear! Vine Vera believes that you can and will get rid of scars if you really want to. We’ve compiled a list of effective scar-reduction strategies you can try to get your skin looking as good as ever in spite of your scars.

Massaging or gently rubbing the tissue on and around the surface of the scar is one of the best ways to reduce its appearance. This is speculated to work by increasing blood flow to the tissue and thereby facilitating the body’s natural repairs to the tissues. It can also break down and smooth collagen. The production of collagen is generally a good thing in skincare, and can help you maintain elasticity, but scars are made of a special kind of skin that’s very high in collagen, and breaking apart or smoothing out that collagen can help a scar lose its shape a little, which reduces its appearance.

Bio Oil
Bio oil is a skin product that can help you reduce the appearance of any scars on your skin. It’s very simple to use: just apply a little bit to a cotton ball or to your clean hands, and massage it right into the scar firmly yet gently. When combined with regular massage, bio oil can be very effective at reducing the appearance of the scar by softening hard, raised edges and reducing redness or whiteness of the scar to bring it back to your typical skin tone.

Chemical Peels
Among other things, deep chemical peels that remove many layers of skin at once can sometimes reduce the appearance of a scar to almost nothing. Consider this option carefully, as the recovery from deep peels is intense.

Or Just Don’t!
Instead of considering scar removal, why not just embrace your scars? The idea that scars are ugly or that you can’t have good skin without them is just silly. Scars can make you unique and memorable, and you can be stunning and gorgeous even with something as big as a large gash across your face, or a giant discolored blotch from a burn. The idea that such things are undesirable is just a silly social norm, so if you don’t want to reduce your scars, embrace them instead!

That said, there are circumstances—like self-injury scars—where you have good reason to want them gone. Further, wanting to reduce your scars for any reason is very understandable, and there’s nothing wrong with doing so, so consider some of the options above if you are interested.

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