How To Use The Tools In Your Manicure Set

How To Use The Tools In Your Manicure Set

So your sister gave you a manicure kit last Christmas, and quite honestly, you’ve done nothing but stare at it. The little silver tools are vaguely reminiscent of something you think you may have seen in the hands of the good doctors on “Grey’s Anatomy”, but you can’t possibly think of how you might apply this knowledge to good use and you hardly think that McDreamy or McSteamy are going to show up at your door anytime soon to educate you. Well, good news, your manicure kit has seen the last day of inaction. Here is your guide to using the tools in your manicure set.

Nail Clippers
Nail clippers are generally used when your nails are too long to use a file on them. Usually, more than one eighth of an inch constitutes clipper use. Clip the tips, rather than the sides of your nails in a square shape. If you round your nails with clippers, you risk causing a hangnail, which not only looks bad, but can get snagged on your hair or clothing.

Nail File and Buffer
The buffer and nail file are on the opposite ends of the same tool. The file has a rough texture, while the buffer end is smooth. Use the file to get your nails to the length you desire; use the buffer to smooth nails and create a sheen. After you file your nails to the desired length, tilt the file under your nail and file in one direction, from the side of the nail to the center into a rounded shape. Do not file back and forth. Follow up by moving the buffer gently across the top of your nails for a natural shine.

Cuticle Pusher and Nipper
Your cuticle is the dead skin buildup which surrounds your nail. The small rounded stick with the point at the end is the cuticle pusher. The nipper may look closer to something you’ve see on “Gray’s” and is shaped like a wishbone with blades on the top. Before you use either of these, rub oil (like olive oil, baby oil, or mineral oil) on and around your nails and soak hands ingot water. Once they’re dry, use your cuticle pusher to gently push your cuticles back. Use the nippers to trim of excess cuticle skin ( trimming of the cuticles is not recommended by doctors; you may want to leave this part out). Rinse hands and apply moisturizer.

Nail Brush
The nail brush, like the buffer, help your nails stay shiny. You can use it in place of, or in addition to the buffer by rubbing it over your nails side to side.

Regular Nail Care
Once you’ve mastered the manicure tools, you’ll probably want to use your kit about once a week to keep your nails in tip top shape. You may want to keep a pointed nail file with you in case the space under your nails becomes dirty, and a nail file may come in handy if you’re nail rips during the day. Avoid nail biting and keep those fingernails looking lovely and professional!

Do you have a manicure kit collecting dust? Maybe you should try it out! Let us know how it went! We love to hear!

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