Incorporating Resistance Bands Into Your Exercise Routine

Incorporating Resistance Bands Into Your Exercise Routine

Do you ever wonder who invented the resistance band, or maybe if someone invented the resistance band at all?   It was first intended to just act as a superior version of the rubber band, or was it actually conceptualized as  a fitness device?  Well, for those of you who have spent agonizing hours and engaged in philosophical debates about the possibilities, here’s the story.

The first version of the resistance band was invented and patented by Gustav Gussweiler in Switzerland in 1895.  His patent describes the band as “a gymnastic apparatus wide enough not to injure the hand.”  It may or may not surprise you to know that Gossweiler did pretty much intend the bonds for the purpose we used them today and was aware of the exercise positions that it made possible and also of its portability.  Now hailed for their simplicity in design and wealth of benefits, the resistance band is noted as a very important component of strength training, including chest presses, rows, bicep curls and squats and have some features which make them an attractive alternative to free weights.

While weight lifting often requires a spotter, resistance bands can be used when your buddies are not available

Can Enhance Familiar Exercises
To incorporate resistance bands, you don’t have to recreate your whole routine.  You can use them with the exercises you ordinarily do to increase the intensity or replace the weights. Use them in a swinging motion in place of a rowing machine.  You can also use them along with the weights you already use.  This will also add variety to your routine and work your muscles in new ways.

Effective for your Whole Body
Resistance bands are not only good for muscle building, they also are great for improving balance and posture, strengthening the core muscles while improving stamina with repetitions.

Easy to Store and Great for Travel
Have you ever tried to transport free weights in an airport or anywhere for that matter? If you are totally diehard about your weights, but fear it is not worth risking the scrutiny of the metal detector, resistance bands may be a good solution.  Even in the home, resistance bands can turn your apartment into a gym without worrying about tripping on your hand weights when you go to fix a midnight snack.

You Are In Control of The intensity of Your Workout
Fitness bands come in light, medium, and heavy and you can control how much resistance they provide by how far you stretch them.  For a lighter workout, a small stretch will do, for a more heavy duty routine, stretch to your heart’s content.  You can also use more than one band for more resistance.

You can find resistance bands for under $10 and sets including DVDs and other equipment for about $40.
In conclusion, the next time you are using your resistance bands, take a moment to give thanks to the Great Gustav Gossweiler, without whom we could not be the muscular, able to travel, in control, money saving, good looking, smart people we are today.  Thanks, Gus!

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