Italian Ski Resorts

Italian Ski Resorts

Your friend Angie says you should go to an Italian ski resort with her. She hears that they’re all the rage. You arrive in the afternoon in your designer label ski pants and matching jacket hiding your skin behind your UVA/ UVB proof Versace ski lenses. A sommelier pops the cork on their best Chianti. You begin to relax when in walks Antonio, your ski instructor. Whether you’re looking for a hot instructor or just a way to get your hot blood pumping, a trip to an Italian ski resort may be just what the doctor ordered. Find out why the best Italian ski resorts have taken on a new allure in the 21st century.

21st Century Italian Ski Resort
If your looking for intense skiing discipline, the Alps is the place for you, but if your looking for a fun place to kick it, you can’t get much more down to earth than Italy. Italians aren’t as about the sport as they are about the food and fun. Of course, back in the eighties, the Italians were so relaxed about their ski experience that they were more concerned with taking a long lunch than maintaining their ski lifts. But with the 90s came he weakening of the lira, and suddenly Italy became an attractive ski destination. Resorts like the Dolomites in the Aosta Valley began to compete with Switzerland, France and Austria as a winter break destination for sports fans, upgrading their facilities and providing cable cars that actually ran at lunch time!

Dressing for the Italian Slopes
Nothing can be done in Italy without fashion sense, and the slopes are no exception. The Italian skiers look for a mixture of high performance and high fashion with micro-fleeces and apre-ski wear. After all, it is to Italian designer Miucci Prada that we owe thanks for saving us from the fate of looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy on the mountain.

Children and Family
If you’re looking to make a family affair out of it, Italian resorts now offer play areas for children equipped with skis or sans and it is not unusual to find the occasional bouncy castle on the grounds. Resorts also offer instruction for children with instructors trained to give young ones the special care they require.

When You’re Not on the Slopes

  • The Spa: Probably one of the only things better than a day of skiing is a day of skiing followed by a spa treatment. Modern Italian resorts offer Spa services including aromatherapy treatments, heated polls and massages.
  • The Food: Of course, trip to Italy would not be complete without experiencing the food. Be sure to check out the cheeses and meats and look out got the canederli, or bread dumplings in the North East and the fonduta all Valdostana in the Northwest. Yum!
  • The Shops: Even if its only window shopping, you can’t go to Italy without checking out the stores. Resorts ilke Madonna di Campiglio and Cortina d’Ampezzo are especially recommended for their high end jewelry shops and boutiques.

Let us know what you think! Is Italy the new Switzerland? Tell us all about your favorite winter ski destination and the best Italian ski resorts.We want to hear all about it.

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