Keep Your Cuticles In Great Shape

Keep Your Cuticles In Great Shape

Cuticles have to be one of the most underrated body parts. They valiantly sit at the bottom of our nails, guarding us from infection and how do we show our appreciation? By vainly cutting them and sloppily covering them with stray globs of polish. But, at last, it seems as if cuticles are getting their day in the sun. If you are a cuticle sympathizer, you will be heartened to hear of “Sexy Cuticles Liquid Nail Tape,” a recent scientific breakthrough which finally pays tribute to this too often abused bodily asset. The liquid tape hardens around the cuticle, preventing it from being garishly glossed over by negligent manicurists, protecting the delicate victim. If you are guilty of cuticle abuse, there is good news. It is never too late too repent. You too can be a force for positive change! Here are some reasons for and ways to keep those babies in great shape.

Why We Need To Love Our Cuticles
Our cuticles are part of our skin. They are located at the growth matrix of the mail, which is the part where nail growth occurs. Richard Scher, MD and dermatology professor at Cornell University says cuticles are, “there for a reason, like a barrier or protection for the nail matrix.”

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Cuticles
Dermatologists agree that there is no good reason for cuticle cutting. In fact, doing so can leave nails exposed to infection or irritation. Says Scher, “if you remove the cuticle, that space is wide open, and anything can get in there.”
Cutting cuticles can also result in ridges, white lines, spots, or other nail problems.

Use an Orange Stick
If your goal is to make nails look longer, pushing them back with an orange stick is a more healthy option than trimming them. Ella Toombs, MD, warns,” Cuticles don’t want to be cut. They’re supposed to be soft and cutting can make them hard, more likely to fracture.”
If you’ve heard the myth that the discontinuation of cuticle cutting will cause cuticles to grow and grow excessively, it is just that, a myth. As Scher says,”Cutting the cuticle doesn’t make it grow faster. Nothing you can do can change the rate of growth.”

Like all other parts go the skin, cuticles get dried out, peeling, flaking, and cracking. Although any moisturizer will be effective, most doctors recommend thick products such as petroleum jelly or vaseline for the cuticles. However, if you find heavy ointments to be impractical during the day, you can use them at night and opt for lighter lotions at busier times.

Avoid Manic Manicurists
We all know the type, the nail technician a little too enthusiastic about her job. Over vigorous- manicures can cause sore, red spots around the nails and cuticles caused by a skin condition called paronychia. Before you get your nails done, be sure to tell the manicurist that you want nothing more than for her to push your cuticles back gently with an orange stick. Ask her to stop if you begin to feel uncomfortable.

Stay Away from Drying Agents
Acetone, often found in nail polish remover and dishwashing liquid are no friends to your cuticles. Wear gloves when doing dishes and look for removers that are acetone free.

Do you have a history of cuticle abuse? Feel free to write in your darkest confessions, or just let us know what you have done to show your cuticles some love today.

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