Last Minute Party Outfits

Last Minute Party Outfits

When Scarlett O’Hara needs a last minute ball gown to impress Rhett Butler in “Gone With the Wind,” she tears her velvet curtains down and has her maid make a dress out of them. Although it worked for Scarlet, this might have been one of those scenes in which a “Don’t try this at home” caption might have been in order. If you’re in a tizzy over what to wear at the eleventh hour on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you don’t have to tear down the curtains. Your sewing skills may not be at par with those of a southern belle and, besides, you may be in a room in which the decor hasn’t changed since the 1970’s. When it’s getting down to the wire and nothing in the closet seems right, don’t stress! Here are a few fun, sexy ideas that might work for you.

Raid Your Boyfriend’s Closet
If you’re bored of everything in your closet, why not steal your guy’s ties? You can do a button up shirt and tie combo paired with some really fab heels, patterned blazer, and dress pants. Check out celebs like Madonna looking ultra femme in a three piece for inspiration.

Dress Up Jeans
We all have a pair of jeans that really aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Here’s your perfect excuse to show them off. Top them with a shiny sweater or faux fur vest. Skinny jeans and heels can be a deadly combination. Add a belt or heavy necklace and you’re ready to shine!

Statement Dress
Statement dresses are always a great go-to, and you can even change the statement. If you want to do a more serious take on the girly look, top it with a blazer. (See Julia Roberts for expert utilization of a blazer. ) Statement dresses can also benefit from the addition of patterned tights. (See below)

Sequined Top or Jacket
Nothing says Christmas or New Years quite like sequins. You can top your LBD with a black sequined crop or blazer, add a sequined top to plain jeans or dress pants or show some leg in a mini or pencil skirt. You’ll be the shiniest thing next to the Christmas tree!

Patterned Tights
Conjure up images of Twiggy modeling Mary Quant tights in platforms and fur jackets. Fishnets and lace bring some instant nighttime to a dress, and printed stockings with bold colors always bring life to solids.

Nighttime Shorts
Shorts are the new LBD. Wear them during the day with a T-shirt and sneakers or wear them with a sequined top and lace up boots for the party. It’s all about those legs!

Ah, the ease of the onesie. Jumpsuits are endlessly versatile. Cinch them with a sparkly belt or top them with a disco blazer. Add killer heels and a sparkly clutch and you stole the show!

Still tempted to wear the curtains? Let us know how it turned out for you! What did you end up wearing on the big night(s)? We love to hear from you!

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