Makeup Tips for a Uniform Complexion

Makeup Tips for a Uniform Complexion

As children, glowing skin is usually the norm, but as we progress in age, it has been damaged by ultraviolet sunlight, acne, and other common problems that affect us, which can result in skin that is uneven in tone and/or discolored. Retaining your adolescent skin tone is not possible but there are dozens of ways to keep your skin as vital as possible. By making changes in diet, employing skin toning products, and utilizing the advice of an experienced dermatologist, anyone can achieve a younger look that also evens out their skin tone and improves its texture.

No matter if you have only a few blemishes or spots on your face, eliminating or masking them is something that all women want and many try several methods and products in order to achieve skin that is perfection. Although there is no one system that works for everyone, one great way of concealing imperfections of the skin is through the application of makeup. As you treat your skin to look as close to perfect as possible, makeup can be used to conceal those problems areas until they are at satisfactory levels. The following makeup tips are great examples of some of the methods you can incorporate into your lifestyle to help you even out the complexion of your skin.

Know Your Shade
Take a good, long look at your face to decide where it most needs foundation. For those that suffer from uneven skin tone, it is imperative to research thoroughly before you select a foundation and apply it in the right quantities on the parts of your face. For example, the upper portions of your face may need more foundation that the chin and areas around the nose.

Elevate Your Skin Game
Be good to your skin and it will be good to you. That means that by cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating your skin regularly, your face will require less makeup. Primer and moisturizer should be the first things that go on your face before you apply foundation. Once a primer is set into place, the concealer and foundation easily settle into your skin to smooth out and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

color wheel

Celebrate the Color Wheel
To effectively battle blotchy and red skin, a green base primer should be in your arsenal at all times to cancel out the redness of the skin which can then be applied to your foundation. For patchy areas of redness, a concealer that corrects color can be used. Knowing the color wheel and where you fall in it can immensely help you achieve your makeup goals.

The Undertones
Different blemishes require different treatments and so when covering them, apply a concealer that is a warm undertone to the top of the foundation and cool undertones for blemishes. To maintain your finished look, use a setting powder to lock in freshness.

Smooth It Out
Skin that is in optimal shape is smooth and devoid of rifts and texturing. From powders to creams to liquids, the smoother your face is, the less likely the foundation will appear once it is applied to your face. By exfoliating and hydrating the skin, the foundation will not appear cakey and your complexion will glow as you intended.

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