Makeup Tips to Enhance your Chin – Vine Vera Reviews

Makeup Tips to Enhance your Chin – Vine Vera Reviews

You use makeup to enhance your face all over, plumping up your lips with lipstick, making your eyes pop with mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow, and giving your cheeks a rosy glow with blush, but how much attention do you pay to your chin when you get ready for a nice night out?

It may not seem terribly intuitive or like something you’d generally worry about, but getting crafty with chin makeup can really add a lot of definition and elegant sharpness to your look.

Use Bronzer to Shade the Area
To add definition, lessen any sagging or tendency toward a double chin, and sharpen your face, apply bronzer under the chin and along the bottom of the jawline. Bronzer simulates shadows on the face, so careful application under your chin and jawline will add definition and sharpness to your face, eliminating any roundness around the bottom of the face and creating a bold, elegant look.

Woman with beautiful chin posing

Highlight the Center of Your Face
This may be another chin-related makeup tip that doesn’t actually involve putting makeup on your chin, but proper highlighting of the center area of your face can change the way your entire face is perceived, and will particularly affect what shape your chin and jawline seem to be.

Blend highlighter into your makeup right above your lips, on the bridge of your nose, or between your eyebrows to visually pull your face inward, making it look narrower overall, and making your jaw and chin appear to be that much sharper and more angular, yet still markedly feminine; the epitome of ladylike elegance.

Choose Your Lipstick Carefully
Your choice of lipstick can affect how your chin area is perceived in subtle ways. Depending on whether you want people’s eyes to wander down there or not, consider your shade carefully.

If you want to pull attention to your chin area because you’re especially proud of the definition down there, go all out with bold, vivid shades. A deep red, plum, or even something creative like dark blue, will complete a look that relies on a sharp chin and jawline. Combine the bronzer tip above with this one for stunning results. go ahead and spring for shiny textures or lip gloss if you really want people to pay attention to the area.

However, if you’re not particularly proud of your chin, even after trying your best to add definition, go for more neutral shades like a light rose, nude, or very pale pink. Further, opt for matte over gloss lipstick, or at the very least, avoid high-gloss.

Closeup of a woman's chin

Highlight Under the Lower Lip
This particular tip won’t apply to everyone, but if you feel like your chin is too rounded and dull, and would like to sharpen it without bothering with bronzer (or if you already tried the bronzer tip and are still dissatisfied), blend some highlighter in on the upper part of your chin, just under your lower lip. This will make your chin appear to protrude slightly more, sharpening it and potentially lessening the appearance of a minor case of double chin in the process.

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