Our Favorite Chin Exercises – Vine Vera Reviews

Our Favorite Chin Exercises – Vine Vera Reviews

Vine Vera has given you lots of advice regarding methods for keeping your chin looking youthful, tight, and defined, illustrating ways you can hide, reverse, or prevent double chins, or simply give the area more definition for a sharper, more elegant look.

However, one thing that helps the chin area specifically, a great deal, is regular exercise. We’ve shared a few ideas for exercises that can take years off your face, but Vine Vera decided that it was time we focus on the chin area specifically to really do the range of helpful chin exercises that are out there justice.

Kiss the Ceiling
Vine Vera has walked you through this exercise several times, but it’s definitely worth repeating here, since it’s probably the single most helpful exercise you can do to help tighten your chin. If you only do one exercise from this whole article, do this one.

The exercise itself is fairly simple. Sit or stand up straight with your back upright and your face looking straight ahead. Then, slowly tilt your head back until you are staring at the ceiling, and purse your lips in an exaggerated kissing face. Hold it for just a moment, then come back down to resting, and repeat this about 20 times a day. This one is a good general chin-workout that works muscles all over the chin area.

Tongue Press
Again, sit or stand with your back straight and your face looking straight ahead. Press your tongue hard onto the roof of your mouth, and tilt your head back until you’re staring at the ceiling. hold for a moment, and gradually tilt your head all the way down until you’re staring at the floor (if standing) or your own lap (if sitting), then return to the neutral position and give your tongue a rest, before repeating for a total of 20 times. This one is great for targeting right on the underside of the chin.

Sitting or standing straight, lean your head back so you’re staring at the ceiling (you’ll be doing this a lot for these exercises) with your lips closed loosely, then form your lips into a small, open “O” shape, hold for a moment, and then come back to resting. This one can also be repeated for up to 20 times a day, and is great for targeting the sides of the chin.

Sit or stand straight, and this time, sit or stand especially tall to elongate your spine, trying to make it as straight and tall as you can. Tilt your head towards one shoulder, and gradually, slowly let it roll around your whole neck, the weight of your head putting a gentle stretch on your neck muscles, until it gets back to the starting position. Do this 10 times each direction

This exercise is good for more than keeping your chin in shape (it works great as a pre-workout stretch, but it helps loosen up and exercise several muscles in the chin, so it works great as a part of a dedicated chin-care exercise routine too.

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