Our Favorite Pinot Noir Wines – Vine Vera Reviews

Our Favorite Pinot Noir Wines – Vine Vera Reviews

Wine, as you all are aware, is a beloved favorite of ours here at Vine Vera Skincare. Today, we would like to take a few minutes to discuss one of our top favorite wines – the ever classy Pinot noir. There are many various brands, variations, and origins from whence this wine comes, but in this particular article, we are going to discuss our absolute favorites.

2005 Judith Beck Burgenland Pinot Noir – Austria
This fantastic Pinot noir is concocted in the lovely land of Austria, in the Burgenland region, with violet and cherry accents for sweet, beautiful flavor. This wine is a top favorite for its full bodied flavor, accent notes, and the spectacular quality in which is carries.

2013 Belle Glos Meiomi Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – California, USA
This fabulous Pinot noir is crafted in the beautiful wine region of Napa Valley, California, and has become a favorite among wine lovers across the globe. With amazing and fantastic notes such as Granny Smith apple, berries, vanilla, and cream soda and cherry notes, which is all well balanced between fresh and matured blending and technique.

2004 Alois Lageder Krafuss Alto Adige Pinot Nero – Italy
Produced high in the mountainous region of Alto Adige, this flavorful Pinot noir is medium bodied with hints of cinnamon, red berries, cherries, and is fermented for 12 months at a time before being bottled and shipped to locations worldwide. This wine pairs well with lean meats and dinners. The flavor is considered to be exquisite, and quite refreshing.

2006 Pegasus Bay Waipara Valley Pinot Noir – New Zealand
The 2006 Pegasus Bay Waipara Valley Pinot noir blend is produced in the Waipara Valley, New Zealand. This interesting blend offers up notes of pepper, pomegranate, and fennel seed in scent and in taste, with plenty of wild berry flavor to balance out the spicy undertones. This wine is produced in French oak barrels for 20 months to ensure maturity and superb flavor.

2006 Ponzi Vineyards Tavola Pinot Noir – Oregon, USA
This superb wine is produced from sustainable grapes in the Williamette Valley, Oregon. A family owned brewery since the 1970’s, Ponzi Vineyards crafted this fantastic wine with sweet berry notes and aromas. It pairs well with beef, lamb or veal, and is a fantastic complement to any fish dish as well.

Finding the perfect Pinot noir to pair with dinner with your spouse, dinner with friends, or dinner with family isn’t too tricky once you get the science down to an art. Simply put, you will need to look for flavors that complement your dishes, and aromas that invoke the beauty of the meal you have prepared.

With so many Pinot noir wines to choose from, from full bodied, to medium bodied, berry notes to vanilla notes, each wine pairing should be done on personal preference. Wine clubs, which you can join online, are a fantastic place to learn the art of pairing wines with food, and learning about individual brands from those who know. They are also a great place to ask questions and grow in your love for wine.

Vine Vera hopes this article has given you some inspiration in picking out your perfect Pinot noir.

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