Party Appetizers That Pair Well With Burgundy

Party Appetizers That Pair Well With Burgundy

You’ve been put in charge of organizing and hosting the office Christmas party. So what’s the problem? Well, anyone who knows office parties they are serious about their wines. You got some pretty decent burgundies, and now all you need are some pretty decent appetizers to go with. Here are a few great ideas for a burgundy friendly hors doevres menu.

Escargots in Butter Sauce
You can serve snails in their shells stuffed with a delicious garlicky shallot parsley butter. Baked until they bubble, this delicacy can be eaten with a small fork and tongs and doled out in portions in ceramic escargot dishes.

Cassolette d’Escargots (Snails In Chablis Wine Sauce)
If you have any snails to spare, they also go very well in a white wine sauce in cream, traditionally served in individual bowls or cassolettes. Because the recipe calls for chablis, it is perfectly sensible to serve the remainder of the bottle at your table. Fruitier styles of chablis are best for this dish as opposed to sharper ones.

Oeufs en Meurette (Poached Eggs In Wine Sauce)
You don’t have to pronounce it. you just have to serve it. The wine sauce used in this dish is the pride of the cuisine of Burgundy. Known as meurette, it is made from wine thickened with flour and butter with added flavorings and spices.

Corniottes (Burgundy Cheese Pastries)
These delicious cheese pastries hail from the Morvan region. They consist of puffs of pastry dough filled with creme fraiche, fromage blanc, and grated gruyere and work best with a crisp Blanc de Blanc which features fresh acidity to cut through the cheese along with palette cleansing bubbles.

Jambon Persille
This dish consists of ham chunks cooked in terrine sauce with a jellied broth. It pairs with a Macon, or for red wine drinkers, a Beaujolais is recommended.

Planning to serve Burgundy to your party? Even the most discriminating experts won’t find fault with these party appetizers! Let us know how your party went! We love to hear it!

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