Protect Your Nails From Dry Winter Weather

Protect Your Nails From Dry Winter Weather

There is no denying the sense of inner peace one gets from a perfect set of nails. You can be walking around like the biggest hot mess, but if you can look down at your hands, and see a flawless set of nails, you’re like, “I got this.” Of course, daily life conspires against us, tempting us with things from computer keyboards and hard to open cans that all too often wreak havoc on our perfect 10, breaking them and leaving them hopelessly uneven. Winter weather doesn’t help either; nails become brittle, dry and susceptible to breakage. But relax, If winter weather is making you blow your inner cool, there are a few things you can do to arm protect yourself against Mother Nature.

You moisturize your skin, why not your nails. Just include nails and cuticles to your daily moisturizing routine. If you have nail polish on, rub the lotion on your fingertips behind the nail and on your cuticles. Moisturizers with phospholipids, lactic acid, or urea work best. Avoid scented moisturizers which can dry nails and skin.

Also, be sure to keep moisturizers planted all over the house for easy access and have one in your purse at all times Remember to incorporate your nails each time you use moisturizer on your hands.

Soak Nails in Warm Water
Soak nails in warm water for just under 10 minutes once a week. Follow up by applying cuticle oil, olive oil, or vaseline to your cuticles and nails. Cover your hands with cotton gloves for about an hour to let the oil soak in or apply the oil to your nails before you get in the shower and massage it in while you wash.

Use Lip Balm on Your Cuticles
To prevent dry cuticles from peeling and splitting off, apply lip gloss to around them to keep them protected.

Wear Gloves Outdoors
This will help to keep out the cold dry air that can rob hands and nails of moisture.

Use Non-Drying Nail Polish Remover
Removers that contain acetone are the most likely to make nails dry. Avoid acetone and try to keep your use of remover down to once a week or less.

Avoid Nail Abuse
Try to be kind to your nails; this means: no biting or peeling, no substituting nails for tools and no picking at cuticles.

Consider Short Nails
If you can stand it, shorter nails definitely increase survival rate. If you keep them shorter and slightly rounded, they can look pretty and neat.

File Nails in One Direction
When you’re using the emery board, try to maintain a consistent direction; filing nails from both directions can cause breakage and chipping. Also, try not to file nails after taking a shower or washing your hands, as wet nails tend to break more easily.

Wear Gloves for Household Chores
Soaps, detergents and other abrasives can all do damage to your nails. Don rubber gloves while doing dishes, cleaning floors and any other domestic chores.

Eat well
As always, outer perfection relies on inner balance, Be sure to eat a lot of proteins like lentils, beans, meat and eggs and get a lot of vitamin B (biotin) as is found in salmon avocado, egg yolks, and pork.

How do you manage to keep your nails beautiful and even in the cold weather? What secrets do you know? Please share your ideas and opinions!

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