Protecting Your Teeth’s Enamel

Protecting Your Teeth’s Enamel

How many happiness emojis have you seen?  There are emoji  smiley faces wearing sunglasses, wearing braces, winking, giving the thumbs up, male smiley emojis, female smiling emojis.  Why do we love the smiling emojis?  The smile is a symbol of friendship, it is a way of saying, “I come in peace”; when we want to make sure our messages are delivered and interpreted with good will, the smiling emoji the way to go.

It is just as important that people smile.  In a job interview, a good smile is necessary; when trying to pick someone up, and even just when trying to be friendly.  This is where the importance of good teeth come in.  If your teeth aren’t fabulous enough to give you a confident smile,  it may negatively impact your interactions with other people. To most individuals, no smile equals “stay away.”  Bottom line: if you want to get that job, meet that mate or just make friends, it doesn’t hurt to watch your teeth.  And because you need to succeed in life, here are lists of some foods  to avoid and some to eat more of!

The Cavity Creeps

Sugary Candy And Sweets
If you must eat sugary sweets, try to eat the ones that don’t get stuck on your teeth.  The sticky ones, like lollipops and caramels, make it hard for saliva to wash away sugar which causes tooth decay.  Cookies and cakes are better bets, but also have a high sugar content and shouldn’t be eaten too often.

Fiber-Rich Fruits And Veggies
Fiber makes the saliva flow, washing away food particles and cleaning your mouth. in fact, saliva begins to neutralize acid twenty minutes eating. (How’s that for quick service?) Crunchy fruits are best; think  celery or apples.

Woman holding a glass  of milk

Cheese, Milk, And Dairy
Your teeth are made mostly of calcium and these foods are teeming with it!  The calcium in these food items sticks to the teeth, protecting then from acids and helping to rebuild  tooth enamel on the spot.  Ah!  The wonders of the human body!

Starches And Refined Carbohydrates
Beware! Starches made from white flour, like chips, pasta and bread are just sugar in disguise.  Carbs that linger in your mouth break down into sugar.  When bacteria feeds on this sugar it produces acid that causes tooth decay.

Carbonated Soft Drinks
Have you ever heard of Mountain Dew mouth? You may know regular soda as a notorious source of  sugar and teeth rotter, but were you aware that diet sodas  contain phosphorous and carbonation that wears away tooth enamel and makes your teeth stained and brown?  Also avoid drinks such as bottled lemonade and iced tea and even some fruit juices, all of which contain high amounts of sugar and acid.  If you must indulge in the hard stuff, use a straw to minimize contact between the liquid and your teeth.

Sugarless Gum
One in five dentists are right!  Sugar-free chewing gum can actually rinse acid off your teeth after eating.  It also contains xylitol, which prevents decay.  Make sure its sugarless though.  Sugary gum has the opposite effect.

Various kinds of tea on wooden table

Green And Black teas
These contain compounds that help to slow down tooth decay and gum disease and suppress bacteria.  You can up the ante by brewing your teas with fluoridated drinking water.

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