Quick Fixes for Puffy Eyes – Vine Vera Reviews

Quick Fixes for Puffy Eyes – Vine Vera Reviews

Under-eye puffiness is a very common problem when it comes to keeping your face looking young and your eyes fresh and sharp, and it’s one that can consistently reappear despite your best efforts at caring for your face in every way you know how.

Vine Vera has helped provide insight on long-term solutions to this common problem before, so check out some of our other articles to learn how to banish them for good. That said, long-term solutions are great, but what if you’ve got a big night out tonight and don’t have time for that right now? Start working on long-term care for sure, but what helps you after weeks or months won’t solve the issue if your eyes are puffy right now and you need them to not be. On that note, Vine Vera has compiled a handy list of quick fixes for puffy eyes that will get you what you want right now, so that you can enjoy that hot date, important meeting, or fun night out with friends you’ve got planned.

Cold Spoons
Vine Vera has explained this one once or twice before, but it bears repeating; it’s a weird little trick, but it really does work! Throw six spoons in your fridge, and chill them there for a couple hours. Then, remove them from the fridge and press them into the puffiness under your eyes, and hold them there until the spoons aren’t cold anymore. When you reach this point, replace with new spoons three times, so that all six spoons have been used. Note that this quick fix only works if you plan ahead, so just keep six spoons in your fridge all the time; after you use them, just put them back, and they’ll be there next time they’re needed, so you can de-puff in a hurry any time.

Tea Bags
This is another one that we’ve mentioned before, and for good reason! While not viable as a long-term elimination strategy, putting cold, wet tea bags on the puffy parts of your under-eye skin for at least 15 minutes (go for 30 minutes for really great results) does significantly reduce puffiness. The targeted application of caffeine to the affected area causes a reaction in your blood vessels where it was applied, naturally reducing puffiness.

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You may have heard of using cucumbers for dark circles, but did you know that potatoes can help with puffy eyes? Weird but true, the abundance of starch found in raw potatoes actually has anti-inflammatory properties that can deflate your puffy eyes in a hurry. There are a few different ways you can take advantage of this fact.

If you think far enough ahead that you can spare twenty minutes or so, you can cut rounds potato about the size and thickness of a moderate cucumber slice, and use it in exactly the same way: just lay down, place the rounds over your eyes, and wait at least fifteen minutes (longer is better).

If you often find yourself rushing out the door, you can instead grate some potatoes with a coarse cheese grater, and squeeze them over a bowl to get potato juice. Then, when you’re running late and are plagued by puffy eyes, you can simply dip a cotton ball in potato juice and rub it under your eyes for fast-acting flattening action.

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