Removing The Tired Look From Your Eyes

Removing The Tired Look From Your Eyes

You have a new friend who loves to party and you’ve kind of promised her you would be her drinking buddy for the night. You knew it was a bad idea as soon as she showed up at your house with a gallon of something called a ‘kamikaze’. The last thing you remember is screaming the lyrics to “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” by the Beastie Boys at the top of your lungs and trying to say, “I’m not the pheasant Plucker,” ten times fast. To say that you are regretting your escapades this morning is an understatement. Your eyelids are practically swollen shut, and you have dark circles that would rival those of a raccoon. You seem to remember reading somewhere that Naomi Campbell told her younger brother Pharrell Williams to dunk his face in ice water every morning to reduce puffiness,  but you don’t think you have the courage  to take the plunge.  You have to be at work in less than an hour and sunglasses will only get you so far. What will you do?


Not Just For Hemorrhoids Anymore
Did you know that Sandra Bullock really does use preparation H to stop inflammation around her eyes? Hemorrhoid cream is a vasoconstrictor, which means it can decrease puffiness. After all, who wouldn’t trust Ms. Congeniality?

If it can wake you up, it can wake your eyes up.  After you down some of that black tea and start to feel somewhat normal, put the cooled tea bags on your eyes for 5 minutes.  By the way, eye creams with caffeine can also be effective.

Cold Spoons
Pop some spoons in the freezer for a few minutes to tighten skin before you assault it with makeup.  No time for the spoons to chill? A bag of frozen veggies will do just as well.

Stay Hydrated And Limit Salt
Salty food leads to all over swelling, and your eyes are no exception.  Try to keep your sodium intake down to 2,300 mgs a day and get plenty of vitamin B (found in spinach) to avoid bloating.  Water will help you to drain the puffiness inducing alcohol from your body, so drink plenty of that H2O.

Massage Your Eyes
Press gently on the inner corner of your eyes with your ring fingers, Continue to apply pressure as you move your fingers firmly but gently to the outer corners.  Continue to your temples and make your way down to your jaw.  This will help flush excess fluid.

Dark Circles

Anyone For Spuds?
Potatoes actually have skin lightening properties.  Cut a potato into thin slices and place on the eyes for 10 minutes, allowing your skin to soak in the juices.  For a more even tone in general, do this two times a week.

Take An Antihistamine
If you have not been misbehaving, there is a possibility that your dark circles are a result of allergies. New Jersey ophthalmologist Robert Mirsky says, “Allergens cause swelling in the vessels under your skin; rubbing your eyes can bruise these vessels and cause a dark appearance.”

Try A New Cream
Some new eye creams control pigmentation that may come in handy.  If you’re using a concealer, a yellow or peach based product a shade or two darker than you would usually use will help to turn down the purple color.  Use a brush for best results. A word to the wise?  The next time you binge, be sure to alternate your cocktails with plain water to prevent dehydration and try to limit alcohol consumption in general!

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