Steps For Professional Looking Polished Nails

Steps For Professional Looking Polished Nails

You’re very excited. You just for your first major professional job interview and you really need to get everything right. You’ve gone over all the anticipated questions in your head. You know where you see yourself ten years from now. You know what you can contribute to the company; you can think of a tough work-related situation which you handled effectively, and, most importantly, you know what you’re going to wear. There’s only one problem. You just got an “aquarium manicure” and your nails are sparkling depictions of miniature seascapes. You need to get your nails looking professional and you need to do it by tomorrow. Have no fear, help is on the way. Here are some ways to get your nails in tip-top shape to handle any professional situation.

Remove all varnish from your nails and file moving left to center and right to center, (avoid a back and forth movement) with the file at a 45-degree angle. To get the most flattering nail shape, use the shape of your cuticles as a guide, mirroring them as closely as possible. File the nail tip at a 45-degree angle to smooth the edges.

Buff the plate of the nail in the direction of nail growth to get the surface of the nails even while smoothing out imperfections. Buff around the edges of your nails to remove dead skin cells from the nail plate and under the tips. If you have really uneven nails, you may want to start with a coarse buffer and downgrade to a smoother on to polish.

Squeak the Nail
This professional technique will remove debris, dust, and oil from nails, creating a clean, solid foundation for the polish. Just use a cotton pad moistened with remover, and wipe it over the whole nail, making sure to get the side walls and cuticle edges.

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Base Coat
Be sure to apply a base coat to guard against chipping and peeling. Let it dry for two minutes.

Begin by wiping one side of the brush against the neck of the bottle so that the other end of the brush is more product heavy. Carefully place the brush as close to the cuticle as possible without touching your skin. Nails should be painted in three strokes, one down the center and one on each side. If your hands are really steady, try and leave a small gap around the edges for a real pro finish.

Clean Up
Touch up the lacquer by dipping a small brush in remover to correct mistakes, wiping it on a tissue between swipes.

Top Coat
After giving the color two minutes to set, apply a topcoat, being careful not to drag the polish under it. Seal along the tips of the nails to prevent color from receding.

Quick Dry
You wouldn’t want your manicure to smudge or smear after putting in all that effort. Wait two minutes after applying the top coat and sweep a quick- dry oil over the nails and cuticles. Avoid blowing, and shaking nails dry, which can prevent the polish from setting evenly. Oil allows the nails to dry by creating a barrier between the polish and oxygen.

Nailed it? We thought so! Let us know how you get your nails looking professional. We love to hear it.

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