Ten Minutes to More Youthful Eyes – Vine Vera Reviews

Ten Minutes to More Youthful Eyes – Vine Vera Reviews

The quest for youthful eyes sometimes seems like it never ends, and every new product or trick that you try may very well help, but often there’s always another problem right around the corner that keeps you on your toes when it comes to youthful eyes.

Vine Vera understands this struggle, which is why we’ve put together some helpful tips that can be done in ten minutes or less, so that you can rest easy, because you know that anytime, you have an ace up your sleeve in the fight for more youthful eyes.

Be Imperfect
Believe it or not, if you intentionally mess up certain parts of your makeup in just the right way, it can actually make your eyes look more natural, which has an anti-ageing effect. Be careful with this idea, though, as  if you’re not, you can very easily mess up your makeup in a way that’s not flattering at all, like smudged lipstick or mascara on your forehead. Probably the best way to use this technique is to carefully use your finger to smudge your eyeliner ever so slightly. Make it so that the line is maintained, but blur the edge a bit so it’s not as sharp.

Use Makeup Sparingly
There are some things that concealer not only doesn’t actually conceal, but actually makes worse or exaggerates. Wrinkles and lines are one of those things. If you want to look more youthful, use such things very sparingly, only as much as you need to, or you’ll end up inadvertently ageing yourself when you’re trying to do the opposite.

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Focus on the Lashes
One of the biggest signs of ageing when it comes to eyes is thinning of the eyelashes. If you want to take years off your face, lashes are an ideal place to focus. Use bold, black mascara that adds volume and length, but only on the upper lashes. Leave your lower lashes bare, or use a lighter color of mascara on them; accenting the lower lashes with overly-bold colors will only draw attention to an area prone to wrinkling. You can also go for fake lashes if you like, but be careful, and pick out the most realistic-seeming ones, or you’ll achieve the opposite of the desired effect.

Highlight Your Corners
The goal of eye makeup, in general, is to make the eyes seem larger than they are, and to “pop,” being a focal point of the face. To help achieve this, one easy technique you can use is to highlight the inside corners of your eyes, while you darken the outside corners. This contributes to the enlarging effect of eye makeup in general, which definitely adds a youthful flair to your appearance. The best and easiest way to accomplish this is to use black eyeliner on the outsides of your eyes, and white eyeliner around the inside corners. In Addition to this, avoid the inside half of your eyes when applying shadow, and focus on the outer bits, but, do dab a little of the very lightest color in your eyeshadow palette between the inside corner of each eye and the bridge of your nose.


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