The Skin Around Your Chin

The Skin Around Your Chin

An unfortunate, inevitable truth of life is that we age, our skin begins to sag, first a little, then more and more. The good news though is that there is plenty that can be done about this. Further, when dealing with sagging skin and wrinkles, while it’s entirely true that with age, skin sags all over the face, and not just in specific areas, the fact that gravity pulls it all downward and it tends to collect in the chin area makes the skin around your chin the most important target area for dealing with loose, sagging skin.

It may seem odd at first glance that exercising would be a useful potential solution to a sagging chin, but it can actually make a surprising difference if you keep at it. To be clear, we’re talking about targeted exercise here. Of course, staying in good general health should include around 20-30 minutes of moderate to vigorous cardiovascular exercise several times a week, but to specifically target your chin area, you’ll want to do stretches and exercises that strengthen the muscles in that area, pulling the skin taut as a result. We don’t have room to detail all of the possible exercises you could do here, but we’re talking things that involve moving your neck and jaw muscles in specific ways repeatedly. There is a wealth of such exercises available on the internet, or you could ask your dermatologist if they have any they could show you.

Retinol increases the rate of cell turnover in your skin. For the uninitiated, your skin cells go through a lengthy process where they start out at the bottom layer of your skin and gradually drift upward, changing in function as they go, until they ultimately hit the surface of your skin and flake off, meaning your skin cells are constantly being refreshed. This process of turnover slows as you age, meaning the cells have more time to degrade and fall into decrepitude before they’re finally flaked off. Retinol, however, can somewhat reverse the process of aging by speeding your cell turnover back up. Just use it with care, and start with a small amount, building gradually each week, to avoid causing irritation.

While not a permanent solution, it is entirely possible to conceal a sagging chin with various makeup techniques. You’ll want to practice contouring and get skilled at it. There are two main approaches to hiding a chin, and you’ll get the best results if you practice both at once. The first is to contour your chin and jawline by darkening the underside of your jaw and highlighting the edge just a bit, making a sharp delineation between them and hiding what you don’t want to be seen under the “shadows.” The second is simply to draw less attention to the chin area and pull the gaze upward. For this, use soft, neutral shades of lipstick, and put more attention to the eyes. Don’t overdo it, but try some tasteful, thick eyeliner and mascara on for starters.

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