Timely Tips For Organizing Square Spaces

Timely Tips For Organizing Square Spaces

The word square carries some pretty negative connotations. If you get called a square, you’re L7, bunk, dead rubber, a snooze, a drag, a snore. You’re in the box, unhip, like watching paint dry. But there are certain times when we crave squareness. Although we may not want to be the ones to bear the title, there are times in which there can be no substitute for the straight lines, perfect edges, and 90 degree angles of the square. Like when we organize. When we put our things in order, there is nothing like a square shape to help us to keep oriented. Here are some timely tips for organizing square spaces.


Clear Out
If you’re planning a closet makeover, the first thing you want to do is measure your currents closet to get an idea of your requirements for hanging and storage. Next, you should clear out the closet. This could be a good time to go through your items and donate the ones you no longer use.

Closet Systems
You may want to install a closet system to make maximum advantage of the space you have. Cubby storage, hanging bars, and drawers are all helpful organizational tools. Also, if you’re considering adding a dressing bench, keep in mind that a curved one is more space conservative than a rectangular one.

Although it may seem that more is better when it comes to shelves, this is not always the case. Shelves themselves take up space and too many can make it hard to stack and remove items. It is best to look for shelves that are best equipped to fit the items you are storing.

Space Management
If you have a small bedroom, you may want to place your dresser inside the closet. This allows you to install shelving above it, maximizing vertical space.

Folding Clothes
If your have a lot of clothes that are best stored folded, find shelves about 12 inches deep, approximately the measure of a stack of clothing. Group like clothes with like (jeans with jeans.) Same size items will stack together more neatly. Put the clothes you wear most frequently at eye level. Don’t stack higher than a foot, leave about 6″ at the top for easy reach.

The Fridge

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Eggs survive longest on the middle shelf, where temperature is most consistent. Store eggs in original cartons; do not transfer to fridge egg holder.

Although milk is usually a top shelf choice, it should be at the bottom where its coldest. So should yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream. Items should be stacked on a turntable to be kept accessible and to keep expiration dates in clear view.

Raw Meat
Raw meat should join the dairy on the cold bottom shelf. That way dripping juices won’t contaminate the whole fridge.

Veggies are fine in the vegetable drawer. They need humidity to keep fresh and do well in the moistest part of the fridge. They should be stored in their original packaging, or in a loosely tied plastic bag.

Fruits can go in the crisper, or low humidity drawer. Like vegetables, they are freshest when stored in their original packaging or in a loosely tied plastic bag. (You can omit the bag for citruses.) Leave all fruits and vegetables unwashed until you use them, as water can promote bacterial growth.


Woman arranging contents of pantry

Arrange Items by Group, not Size
It’s not always size that matters. Groups cans, bags of snack foods, bottles of oils and vinegar, jars of spices and boxes of grains together. This will look orderly and make the most sense for cooking.

Arrange Items at the Right Height
Keep the items you use the most in the space between your shoulders and knees. This makes them easy to reach and put back. Store bulk items in the bottom, snacks on top to prevent temptation, and keep spices at eye level.

Maintain Order
Maintain organization by consistently decluttering. You may want to declutter weekly, regroup monthly and reevaluate your storage and shelving solutions on a seasonal basis.

Are you a storage guru? Let us know your secrets for the perfect square! We need to know!

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