Tips for Avoiding Skin Damage

Tips for Avoiding Skin Damage

It’s hard to believe that tans were once interpreted as a sign of health and wealth. Some may recall the Coppertone ads of the 60’s and 70’s featuring a coppery Elke summer frolicking on the beach featuring the “Tantastic” slogan. or Cheryl Tiegs running on the beach in a Bonne Bell Sure tan commercial. Well, those days have come and gone. Nowadays, tans are more often associated with melanoma and DNA damage.

More recently, The Skin cancer Foundation has begun the “Go With the Glow Campaign.” It is endorsed by proudly pale celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Victoria Beckham and aimed at encouraging women to protect and love their natural skin (glow). While you may find some of your favorite celebs still sporting a bronzed look, you will also see the likes of Rachel McAdams, Christina Hendricks, Marian Cotillard and Amanda Seyfried modeling the newer fair skinned trend.

Want to jump on the wagon? Here are some tips for avoiding sun damage and embracing the real definition of health.

Stay out of the Sun
Try to avoid going out in the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun rays are strongest. Also, tightly woven clothes rather than the usual light colored linen are recommended as dark clothing is better at absorbing UVB rays.

Sunscreen Rules
Here’s a few tips for sunscreen application. The Skin Care Foundation recommends you use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. It should be applied 20 to 30 minutes before you leave the house and reapplies every 2 hours. Remember to apply it thickly, ( Thin application can cause the lotion’s intensity to decrease by up to 15%!) Also, if you are especially light, you may want to apply sunscreen the night before you go out in the sun to give your body time to absorb and reapply before you actually leave in the morning. Don’t forget your lips! Lips burn too! Use a lip balm with SPF of 15.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Weather
UV light can penetrate clouds, so don’t think you are safe from sun damage just because of a little cloud cover. Apply that sunscreen! Also, the snow can be very conducive to sunburn. If you like to snow ski, keep in mind that the sun’s rays are strongest at high altitudes. Cover up and protect your eyes from sunburn as well!

Cover Your Nose
Are you one of those people who goes to in the sun and comes back with a bright red nose? You are not alone! Nose and feet are protruding horizontal surfaces and need special attention when it comes to the sun. Don’t neglect them when you are prepping for the sun,

Cover Your Ears
The tops of your ears, your hairline and the v of your chest are all extremely sensitive to the sun and, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 80% of skin cancer occurs on the head neck and hands. Try to wear a tightly woven canvas hat rather than a straw one,

You May Not Be Safe In the Shade
While umbrellas and trees provide some protection, you are still susceptible to exposure from reflected light. Light can bounce off water and shiny surfaces and target you even if you are covered from overhead.

Stay Away from Tanning Beds
Even if your salon claims they are safe, the UV rays in tanning beds can actually be more harmful than the sun. Besides, all the cool kids are liking their pale looks. Pasty skin is in!

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