To Lift Or Not to Lift: Skin Tightening Treatments

To Lift Or Not to Lift: Skin Tightening Treatments

So, tell me if this has happened to you.  You are looking in a mirror and you notice some loose skin.  You pull it back and you have momentarily turned back the clock 10 years.  Oh, how easy the transformation!  And then, with the release of you fingers, the ten years are back.  Oh, how nice it would be if we could only return to a time our skin did not bag, wrinkle and sag.  That’s what facelifts and body sculpturing procedures are for, you think.  Oh, but then there is the expense! American have managed to spend 7 million dollars this past year on body altering procedures and with face lifts going at 6,500 a pop, its no small wonder!  And then its addictive!  What if we go overboard and wind up with half a nose or lips that look like a small inflatable raft?  Not to mention the health risks!  Facelifts have been known to cause scarring, swelling, pain and nerve problems.  Isn’t there a middle ground?  Well, yes.

If you have loose skin on your face, neck, arms or abdomen and are unable or unwilling to undergo an invasive surgical procedure, you may want to consider nonsurgical skin tightening. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Although it involves no incisions, little discomfort and a minimum of downtime, the results of nonsurgical skin firming are less noticeable than the results of surgery and multiple treatments are usually necessary for best results.  But, if you’re still dead set on it, here are some of your options:

In this procedure, a treatment tip is placed against your skin and radiofrequency energy is released producing collagen product in the skin.  This activates your wound healing response which causes tightening of the skin. ( Now you know why your skin gets tight when your cuts heal!)

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL)
This employs a handpiece which is used to cool your skin while infrared light heat the dermis.  Again, your skin tightens because of its wound healing response. The epidermis is not affected.

Ultrasound gel is applied.  A handpiece is used to stake an image of the tissue that is being treated and is projected on a screen so the surgeon can see what he is doing.  The ultrasound puts out small thermal bursts to the structural support layers of your skin, stimulating new collagen growth and tightening the skin.  This treatment deals with the deep layer of your skin, protecting the skin above it and the tissue below it.

So what do you think, ladies and gentlemen?   Well, its definitely a commitment. I mean, you have to be prepared to become a semi permanent fixture in your doctor’s office.  Hope you like the guy.  And the cost of the procedures add up and don’t think you will want to stop after just one.  But, with everyone and their mother getting some kind of treatment, who wants to be at an unfair disadvantage? Your face is your ace! Oh, if only we could get some really strong scotch tape! (There is; has anyone tried it?)  But, what ever you decide, remember, you must do what will give you the greatest amount of happiness because, in the end, inner beauty equals outer beauty.

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