Tricks To Help Your Polish Last Longer

Tricks To Help Your Polish Last Longer

It’s always irritating if you chip your nails too soon after you’ve finished donning them up. But there are ways on how make your nail polish last longer so that you won’t have to run to the nearest manicurist’s and risk embarrassment for the both of you. Here’s the lowdown on tricks to help your polish last longer.

Wipe Down Your Nails with White Vinegar Before Applying Your Base Coat
This will remove any oil or buildup on the nail bed that may create a barrier between the nail and the polish.

Don’t Soak Your Nails Prior to Painting Them
Doing so would cause your nails to expand. They will shrink after their painted and your polish will recede from your nails. Use a cuticle oil instead.

Avoid Polish on Your Cuticles
Try not to get polish on your cuticles. Getting polish on the cuticles will lift the paint off the nail and increase the likelihood of chipping.

Use Two Sticky Base Coats
Use two coats of base coat on nail tips. Nail tips are the most likely to chip. Give them another layer of base coat for extra resilience.

Roll Nail Polish Between Your Hands
Do this instead of shaking it back and forth. Doing so will help to prevent air bubbles which can make your nails chip more quickly if painted into your nails.

Use Cool Air to Dry Nails
Hot air keeps polish from drying. Use a blow dryer on “cool” or wipe fingertips in ice water for a minute or two.

Cover Your Entire Nail
Make sure the free edge is covered: base, color, and topcoat.

Reapply nail polish

You should be reapplying your nail polish every two to three days.

Choose Mild Soap
Choose mild soap over hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer can dry out your nails and ruin the topcoat.

Use Nail Oil
Apply nail oil daily. Keep nails moisturized to prevent breakage.

File and Seal
If nail polish chips, file down tips and seal with another coat of clear topcoat.

Use the Ombre Effect
Camouflage a gel manicure that is growing out by covering the bottom of your nails with glitter. Create an ombre effect to hide a chipped manicure.

Wear Gloves
Wear gloves while cleaning. Hot water and harsh cleaning detergents are a sure way to destroy a good manicure.

Smooth Rides with Cotton Swab
If you smudge or chip a nail, smooth the ridge of your nail with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Smoothing the ridge will prevent a bump on the redo.

French tip

Do A French
If your tips chip, you can always add a thin French tip!

Let us know your tips for keeping your manicure chip-free! And weigh in on this: would you ask for a refund if your polish chips? Let us know!

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