Try These Celebrity Inspired Mani Styles

Try These Celebrity Inspired Mani Styles

We all love to see our favorite celebrities. We tune into the late night talk shows, watch awards programs, and pore over red carpet appearances. We want to know what they wore, what they said, which hairstyle they were sporting, and who they were with. And now they have given us another subject for water cooler discussion: their nails. If you have been tracking your favorite celeb, you may have noticed some flashy manicures, featuring everything from dagger-like talons to flashing gemstone adornment. If you are as fascinated as the rest of us, let’s dish on celebrity inspired manis.

Many would agree that Rhianna has looks and a voice worthy of several insurance policies, but what about her nails? If you saw her on the Grammy’s, you may not have known that the nails that usually clutch a microphone were painted with real gold. Priced at a cool $5000 per bottle, Red Carpet Manicure’s “Amor 24” contains a full ounce of 24K gold. But, if your interested snagging the singer’s look without the exorbitant price tag, never fear. Red Carpet Manicure has promised a similar polish with a ten dollar tag due out this spring. And while we’re on the subject, has anyone seen Rhianna’s Obama decal manicures?

Speaking of the Grammys, you may have seen Adele’s lacquered nails gripping three of these babies the other night, and, if you looked closely, you would have seen what Kimmie Kyes calls the “glassy nail.” Kyes explained her classically nude choice: “Adele is a timeless beauty, so we decided to go with elegant nails that would complement multiple looks. She kept her signature almond shape, but we created what I’m calling a ‘glassy nail’ to create a beautiful, classic look.”

Candy nails

Katy Perry
Not for nothing did Katy Perry start her own line of OPI Nail Polish. To say the singer is into her nails may be an understatement. Manicurist Pattie Yankee was responsible for the much-admired “Candyland” nail design, featuring startlingly realistic depictions of multicolored sprinkles, the singer sported for the concert for the Windows Phone launch. However, it is unsure who is willing to claim responsibility for the “Russell Brand” manicure Katy sported during her brief relationship with the English comedian.

Vanessa Hudgens
If you’ve seen this Disney star, you may know that she has sported manicures worthy of their own coffee table book. She had her nails shaped and paint into red glittery hearts for Valentine’s Day and her New Year’s Eve manicure was a holy celebration, featuring pearl and glitter-adorned decals of Jesus and Mother Mary to rival the Sistine Chapel. Also, notice her use of nail rings to further embellish her manis.

Lady Gaga
Of course, the article would not be complete without some mention of Lady Gaga, whose manicures are nothing short of downright dangerous. She clawed her black stiletto talons at English reporters before launching her world tour and posted a pic of her red and black spiked talons gripping a whiskey glass on Instagram.

What celebs inspire your nails or do you have any nail ideas that might inspire the celebs? Let us know!

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