Warm Weather Strategies That Help Combination Skin

Warm Weather Strategies That Help Combination Skin

Is combination skin really a combination? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a combination is an alliance of individuals, corporation, or states united to achieve a social, political, or economic end. By that definition, it would seem that combination skin is anything but a combination; it seems more like a coexistence than an alliance. The dry parts of the skin just seem to get dryer while the oily parts seem to get oilier, and never the two shall compromise. They just seem to agree to disagree. Misnomer aside, those with combination skin have to know how to handle the special challenges the warm weather brings. Here is some info on warm weather strategies for “combination” skin.

Best results come from using a cleanser created specifically to suit your skin type. Look for products that are noncomedogenic, dermatologies tested, and oil free. Face washes for combination skin are developed to balance in your skin and prevent fluctuation. Invest in these for a deep, balanced clean/

Ladies with combination skin are commonly tempted to deprive their oiliest areas of moisture, but this is really quite counterproductive. Your skin will compensate by producing extra oil, which will only increase the grease. Opt instead for an oil controlling moisturizer which will hydrate your dry patches without leaving the T- zone overly shiny.

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Combination skin often requires different approaches to different areas. Since only certain parts of your face are oily, there’s no need to put grease fighting formulas all over your face. A mattifying serum applied to the center of the forehead, down the bridge of the nose, and on the chin should take care of slick areas, while preventing the other parts from becoming overly dry.

Don’t Over Wash
Although it may be tempting to wash your face with the first appearance of shine, over washing will make your pores react by producing more oil. Opt for a blotting sheet instead and keep the cleansing down to twice daily.

Treat your face to a clarifying treatment twice a week. While the use of an oil based product may seem likely to do more harm than good, clarifying treatments use natural oils like geranium, rosewood, and lotus. These actually clear the face of impurities and balance natural production of oil without stripping your face of moisture. Hazelnut oil provides extra nourishing hydration to all parts of the face.

Do you have combination skin? If so, how are you getting your dry and oily parts to reconcile in the warm weather? Let us know! We love to hear from yo!

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