White Zin:  Not Your Mom’s Wine

White Zin: Not Your Mom’s Wine

So you’re probably reading this with the thought of “White Zinfandel? Really?” White Zin as it’s affectionately known has been undergoing a bit of a makeover in recent years, not just in terms of taste but in reputation as well. It’s true that there are many who loathe it, and it’s no secret that there are those who would rather go without wine than drink it, but it may not be as bad as you think (or remember). Could it be that it’s no longer like the first wine you drank in college or the tried and true white Zin your mom has been drinking for years? Let’s talk about some of the reasons you might want to consider giving it another shot.

It’s Budget Friendly
You can find a good ehite Zin for under $25 and some you’ll likely be able to get closer to $15. One of the most talked about white Zins nowadays is the Turley White Zinfandel (you can read more about it here) which you can get for around $18. Yes, it may be a little more expensive than the pink wine you’re used to getting, but it could be worth it at least to give it a try.

It Goes Well With Spicy Foods
It can be pretty challenging to find a wine that goes with spicy foods because of all the different flavors and ingredients going on to make the dish happen, yet white Zin seems to be one of the wines that usually works with them. It’s one of the reasons that many love it so much; you can drink it with a variety of meals, including those that are spicy. You’ll typically find that they don’t overpower the dish.

It’s an Experimentation
One of the best things about loving wine is actually experimenting with all the different kinds that are out there. There’s always something new to discover. Being open minded to the possibilities – yes, even white Zin even if you usually stay away from it – allows you to be open to coming across new wines that you may like more than previous ones you tried. It could lead you to new favorites, and if one or more of them happens to be white Zin, so be it.

It’s Getting Revamped
As previously stated, white Zin is getting revamped. While there are still plenty of the sweet white Zins that you’re used to, there are ones that are more on the dry end of the spectrum. This could be a fantastic chance to experiment for those who are over the sickly sweet taste of some white Zins in order to find one (or more) that appeal more to their palate.

Before immediately discounting the wine because of past experiences, keep in mind that it is evolving and there are many who are working hard to make sure it loses the bad reputation that it’s been carrying around for awhile. It could be time to reevaluate the white Zin you know and see if it could actually turn into one that you love.

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