Who Needs A Medical Manicure Or Pedicure?

Who Needs A Medical Manicure Or Pedicure?

Your friend recommended this new nail salon; she says you can’t beat the price. You walk in and are immediately hit by a strong smell of chemicals. Trying to stay positive, you walk over to the manicure station and offer your phalanges to the manicurist. If you have ever found yourself on the receiving end of a bad manicure or pedicure, a medical manicure may be looming in your future. But don’t let the “medi” part scare you! Here’s a look the friendly medical manicure.

What Puts The Medi In The Mani Or Pedi?
While medical manicures and pedicures do focus on pampering, they also take infection control precautions that exceed those featured in most typical procedures. The staff who performs medi- mani and pedis should be trained to respond to medical conditions like diabetes, bunions, and fungal infections.

What Do Medical Manicures Consist Of?
A typical medical manicure will begin by checking nails and hands for injury and infection, followed by a luxurious bath in warm cuticle softener with a touch of lemon. Hands, cuticles, and fingernails are cleaned and shaped and hands and forearms are massaged with a lovely scented lotion. A high-quality nail polish is applied, followed by a quick shoulder massage.

Hydrating Manicure
If you’re concerned with replenishing oils and vitamins to your hands, the hydrating manicure provides moisturizing accouterments. Besides, the pampering of the regular manicure, you will be the recipient of a lavender shoulder wrap, an exfoliating scrub of the lower arms and hands, and an extended arm massage with warm soothing lotion, followed by a paraffin wax treatment.

What Do Medical Pedicures Consist Of?
Like the medical manicure, medi-pedis begin with an examination for signs of injury or infection in the feet and nails. Feet are cleaned with a surgical grade scrub brush and chlorhexidine followed by a relaxing soak. Feet, cuticles, and toenails are cleaned and shaped and feet and lower legs are massaged. A heel softening treatment is next on the menu, followed by the application of a long lasting nail polish and a quick shoulder massage to top it off.

Hydrating Pedicure
If you want to add the hydrating element to your pedi, you will enjoy a relaxing shoulder wrap and a refreshing exfoliation sugar scrub, in addition to your already thorough procedure. You will also be pampered by a leg massage and a moisturizing paraffin wax treatment.

Sounds kind of delightful! Is a medical manicure or pedicure in your past or future? Let us know!

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  1. Avatar
    Bonnie Copeland at 4:43 pm

    I am interested in a medical mani/pedi. Where can I get one? I live in Coopersburg PA

    • Vine Vera
      Vine Vera at 3:52 am

      Hi Bonnie,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a store in Pennsylvania, and neither do we offer medical manicures and pedicures. We suggest that you speak to your dermatologist or physician for a recommendation that will cater to your specific medical needs.

      Sorry that we can’t be of more help.

      Thank you,
      Vine Vera

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