Why Night Creams Are so Important

Why Night Creams Are so Important

It’s easy to understand why daytime moisurization and sunscreen is a must. Everyday activities and exposure to pollution can wear out and dry out your skin, which is why using a day cream that will keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and protected form the environment is absolutely essential. Using a sunscreen, of course, is equally essential because it prevents harmful damage form occurring.

But what about night creams? Often, night creams go ignored or un-thought of by many, but they can be an incredibly beneficial and even crucial part of a complete skincare regimen. Vine Vera wants to make sure your skin looks and feels as good as you want it to, which is why not only do most of our own collections feature specially formulated night creams of our own, but we’re about to walk you through the world of night creams, what they are, and why they’re so important.

Night Cream?
Night creams are specially formulated facial moisturizers intended for night use.They moisturize, hydrate, protect, and can treat specific skin issues with a variety of active ingredients. They’re quite useful for keeping skin from drying out and becoming ashy in a appearance, and can maintain a flawless look and smooth feel.

How Is that Any Different From Regular Moisturizer or Day Creams?
At their core, day creams and night creams operate under the same principle: apply a beneficial substance to the skin so it will sink in and work overtime to improve the look and feel of that skin. However, there are a few specific differences between the two besides simply the fact that one is intended for day and one for night.

Night creams can and often are heavier than day creams, because you’re not going to be applying makeup over them, and they’ll be sitting on your skin less time (people generally are asleep 7-9 hours, while they’re awake 15-17 hours each day) than day creams, and you’ll be washing it off in the morning, so clogging of pores is less of a concern. Because of this, they can deeply moisturize and penetrate your skin to help make it more hydrated and feel softer and look better when you get up in the morning, because it’s been working its magic all night while you slept.

Night Creams also tend to contain active ingredients not found in day creams, like retinol, AHA, and an assortment of other ingredients designed to help repair damage done throughout the day and fight wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

Why Do I Need One?
Using a good night cream before bed every night can stimulate collagen to help you look and feel younger. Night creams can also be much more effective than day creams at targeted skincare like treating pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and sun spots, and even acne.

A good practice is to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and then apply the night cream a half hour before going to sleep. This will give the cream a bit of time to soak in and penetrate before you drift off, and plenty of time while you snooze to do its job.

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