Why You Need A Pre Mask

Why You Need A Pre Mask

You know that a good warmup is the key to a good workout, the only sure way to do well on a test is by studying, and you never leave your house without having packed your bags the night before. In short, you know that preparation is the key to good results, and the same is true of your make up. When you put a product on your skin, you want your skin to be ready. You want your pores at their most receptive: thirsty and ready to drink in all the active ingredients it is about to receive. This is why you need a premask.

The Benefits of A Good Mask
Most women know that there is no problem in life that can’t be fixed with a good mask. It is the key to serenity. Whether it be in the form of sheets saturated with acne healing moisture, pots full of pore tightening clay, purifying creams that restore relaxation,translucent gels that hydrate and renew, or pore rejuvenating peel off masks, nothing quite compares to the sensation. Plus, they deliver instant results. Just look in the mirror after removing a mask, and you get the instant urge to snap a selfie. Well, what if you learned that there was a way to make this experience even better? Introducing, the pre mask.

What Is a Premask?
In short, a pre mask is an optimizing pretreatment for mask application. It hydrates and soothes the skin, and improves the rinseability and spreadability of the mask. It is formulated with vitamins, anti oxidants, and essential oils to gently remove impurities and open pores to increase skin radiance upon application.

How Is A Premask Used?
A pre mask should be used weekly, proceeding the application of a facial mask. Premasks are available in spray on or foaming gel forms.

Foaming Gel

  1. Massage into dry face and neck until the gel becomes an oil.
  2. Moisten hands and continue to rub on skin, until the product transforms into a rich foamy lather. 3. Rinse with cool water. You will already begin to feel the hydrating effects.

Spray On

  1. Hold the bottle 10 inches to a foot away from your face.
  2. Spray on clean skin.
  3. Lightly pat in. You’re skin should begin to feel a refreshing difference.
  4. Apply mask.

Not convinced? Try it for yourself. According to one happy user, “They (pre masks) work amazingly with clay masks. Clay masks dry on your skin, but the pre mask not only helps spread the mask over your skin meaning you use less, but helps lift the product off your skin so you don’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to get it out of all the nooks and crannies…..you’ll see how much more porous they make your skin. I wasn’t convince at first but it really works and will be perfect come holiday season as a hydration mist! Love it!”

What do you think? Are you ready to enhance your masking experience? Let us know if you tried the pre mask and what you think about it!

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