Workouts to Skip After 65 – Vine Vera Reviews

Workouts to Skip After 65 – Vine Vera Reviews

Getting fit and losing a few pounds are among the most common goals for most people’s new year resolutions. However, most of us end up giving into our indulgences and forget all about getting fit after the first few days. Well, if you’re over the age of 65 and feel guilty for using the elevator, Vine Vera has some good news for you. It turns out that an elevator is actually a healthier choice for anyone above the age of 65. In this article, Vine Vera reviews the most common workouts to skip after the age of 65. Although regular exercise is important as you get older, there are some types of exercise that can end up causing more harm than good.

Touching your toes while standing
Touching your toes while standing is a common type of stretching exercise that is used by people all over the world to stay flexible. However, stretching and holding your toes without warming up can actually cause injury to your body and decrease the level of physical performance. This exercise can also lead to unhealthy curvature in your spine as well as all sorts of neck problems and blood pressure, particularly as you get older.

Abdominal crunches
Abdominal crunches are another form of exercise that people feel like they “have to do”. However, experts recommend you stop doing abdominal crunches altogether. These crunches lead to the curvature of your spine and they can also increase the chance of you getting a spinal fracture. Moreover, as you age, it is essential to ensure that you don’t bend your back in that particular motion.

Climbing the stairs
Vine Vera has already mentioned that it is healthier to take the elevator rather than climb the stairs. One of the biggest problems is that the body loses about 3% – 5% muscle mass as it begins to age. This decreases the ability of your body to climb the stairs and increases the risk of a fall. In fact, almost 20000 deaths per year are a result of falling from the stairs.

Exercises that strain your neck and your head
Any exercise which ends up straining your head or your neck in a forward motion should be avoided once you cross the age of 65. This motion usually leads to fainting, headaches and dizziness and some severe cases can also lead to neck fractures.

Trunk twists
Trunk twists are another type of exercise that is best avoided. This exercise makes you rotate your body from one side to the other and it particularly focuses on the “love handles”. This can lead to problematic issues like a strained back. Moreover, these exercises should always be performed while lying down, not while standing or sitting.

Remember, the body keeps changing as you keep getting older. You need to understand these changes and adjust your routine accordingly. Do you have any other exercises that you would like to add to this Vine Vera list of workouts to avoid after 65? Let us know using the comments box below!

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